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Intelligent Systems 3: Probabilistic and Deep Learning
Evolutionary and Adaptive Computing

Current projects:

  • AI and Telemedicine for Covid-19 (Principal investigator)

Current PhD students:

  • Hani Elgabou: Arabic dialects and Natural Language Processing
  • Noof Alfear: Automated text simplification
  • Fakher Raza: Modelling anomalies in pipeline transport networks
  • Chris Solomou: AI in Health
  • Can Erten: Machine Learning and Ontologies for Mining Financial Data
  • Zainab Almugbel: AI for Medical Terminology in Arabic
  • Tianda Sun: Open Relation Extraction from Text
  • Sorush Lajevardi: Recommendation Systems
  • Charmaine Barker: Automating Fair Hiring Decisions
  • Taghreed Alqaisi: Dependency-based Bilingual Word Embeddings (submitted)

Recent PhD alumni:

PhD applications in Machine Learning and Optimisation, Computational Linguistics, AI in Finance are welcome.


kazakov AT cs DoT york dOt ac DoT uk