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Integrable models and applications: from strings to condensed matter

Articles written by scientists working within the nodes of the network whose work has been influenced by contacts within the network but which is neither included in the joint publication list nor the list of papers authored by postdocs

  1. hep-th/0210015: M Bauer and D Bernard, Conformal field theories of stochastic Loewner evolutions;
  2. hep-lat/0211012: M Caselle, M Hasenbusch, and M Panero, String effects in the 3-D gauge Ising model;
  3. hep-th/0211134: F Bastianelli, O Corradini and A Zirotti,  Dimensional regularization for N=1 susy sigma models and the worldline formalism;
  4. hep-th/0211154: P Furlan, LK Hadjiivanov and IT Todorov, Chiral zero modes of the SU(N) WZNW model;
  5. hep-th/0211212: JLF Barbon and E Rabinovici, Remarks on black hole instabilities and closed string tachyons;
  6. hep-th/0212016: M Krohn and M Flohr, Ghost System Revisited: Modified Virasoro Generators and Logarithmic Conformal Field Theories; 
  7. hep-th/0212042: Ulf Lindstrom and Maxim Zabzine, D-branes in N=2 WZW  models;
  8. hep-th/0212194:  I Kostov, Boundary correlators in 2D quantum gravity: Liouville versus discrete approach;
  9. hep-th/0301064:  M Bauer and D Bernard, SLE martingales and the Virasoro algebra;
  10. hep-th/0301088: H Babujian and M Karowski, Towards the construction of Wightman functions of integrable quantum field theories;
  11. hep-th/0302056: G. Delfino and  G Mussardo, Universal Ratios and Correlation Functions;
  12. hep-th/0302097: P Mosconi, Massive ghost theories with a line of defects;
  13. math-ph/0303049:  P Zinn-Justin and J-B Zuber,  Matrix integrals and the  generation and counting of virtual tangles and links;
  14. hep-th/0302189: C Adam and J Sanchez-Guillen, Ring-shaped exact Hopf solitons;
  15. cond-mat/0303312: M Capello and M Caselle, A new class of solution to the DMPK equation;
  16. physics/0303085: MA Manna and A Neveu, A singular integrable equation from short capillary gravity waves;
  17. hep-th/0303193: J Mas and AV Ramallo, Supersymmetric intersections of M branes and pp waves;
  18. hep-th/0303245: OA Castro-Alverado and A Fring, Breathers in the elliptic sine-Gordon model;
  19. hep-th/0304013: C Albertsson, U Lindström and M Zabzine, Superconformal boundary conditions for the WZW model;
  20. hep-th/0304205: T Oota, Quantum projectors and local operators in lattice integrable models;
  21. hep-th/0304240: B Ponsot, Massless N=1 super sinh-Gordon: form-factors approach;
  22. cond-mat/0304363: M Caselle and U Magnea, Random matrix theory and symmetric spaces;
  23. math-ph/0305061: M Bauer and D Bernard, Conformal transformations and the SLE partition function martingale;
  24. hep-th/0305098: U Lindstrom and M Zabzine, Tensionless strings, WZW models at critical level and massless higher spin fields;
  25. hep-th/0305200: NM Nikolov, Ya S Stanev and IT Todorov, Globally conformal invariant gauge field theory with rational correlation functions;
  26. hep-th/0306196: G Feverati, P Pearce and F Ravanini, Excited boundary TBA in  the tricritical Ising model;
  27. math-ph/0307010: VA Fateev and E Onofri, An eigenvalue problem related to the non-linear sigma-model: analytical and numerical results;
  28. math-ph/0307037: O Babelon, Equations in dual variables for Whittaker functions;
  29. hep-th/0307095: R Nepomechie and F Ravanini, Completeness of the Bethe Ansatz solution of the open XXZ chain with nondiagonal boundary terms;
  30. hep-th/0307125:  G Mussardo, V Riva and G Sotkov, Finite-volume form-factors in semiclassical approximation;
  31. hep-th/0307143: D Controzzi and G Mussardo, On the mass spectrum of the two-dimensional O(3) sigma model with theta term;
  32. hep-th/0307189: I Kostov, B Ponsot and D Serban, Boundary Liouville theory and 2D quantum gravity;
  33. hep-th/0307235: NM Nikolov, Vertex algebras in higher dimensions and globally conformally invariant quantum field theory;
  34. cond-mat/0307396: C Degli Esposti Boschi, E Ercolessi, F Ortolani and M Roncaglia, On c=1 critical phases in anisotropic spin-1 chains;
  35. hep-th/0308004: O Castro-Alvaredo and A Fring, Universal boundary reflection amplitudes;
  36. hep-th/0308053: P Dorey, J Suzuki and R Tateo, Finite lattice Bethe ansatz systems and the Heun equation;
  37. hep-th/0308063: JLF Barbon and E Rabinovici, Very long time scales and black hole thermal equilibrium;
  38. math-ph/0309064: F Colomo and AG Pronko, On the partition function of the six-vertex model with domain wall boundary conditions;
  39. hep-th/0308140: J Teschner, On Boundary Perturbations in Liouville Theory and Brane Dynamics in Noncritical String Theories;
  40. hep-th/0309018: H Babujian and M Karowski, Exact form factors for the scaling Z{N}-Ising and the affine A{N-1}-Toda quantum field theories;
  41. math-ph/0309057: J-B Zuber, On the Counting of Fully Packed Loop Configurations. Some new conjectures;
  42. hep-th/0309129:  G Delfino and P Grinza, Universal ratios along a line of critical points. The Ashkin-Teller model;
  43. cond-mat/0309665: P Grinza and A Mossa, Topological origin of the phase transition in a model of DNA denaturation;
  44. math-ph/0310032: M Bauer and D Bernard, CFTs of SLEs: the radial case;
  45. hep-th/0310191: CD Fosco, J Sanchez-Guillen and RA Vazquez, Tests and applications of Migdal's path integral representation for the Dirac propagator;
  46. cond-mat/0311149: R Brak, J de Gier and V Rittenberg, Nonequilibrium stationary states and equilibrium models with long range interactions;
  47. hep-th/0311201: C Nunez, A Paredes and AV Ramallo, Flavoring the gravity dual of N=1 Yang-Mills with probes;
  48. hep-th/0311274: JLF Barbon and C Hoyos, ADS/CFT, multitrace deformations and new instabilities of nonlocal string theories;
  49. math-ph/0312031:  C Adam, Hopf maps as static solutions of the complex eikonal equation;
  50. hep-th/0312064: F Bastianelli, O Corradini and A Zirotti, BRST treatment of zero modes for tthe worldline formalism in curved space;
  51. hep-th/0312119: G Delfino, Integrable field theory and critical phenomena. The Ising model in a magnetic field;
  52. hep-th/0312141: A LeClair, JM Roman and G Sierra, Log periodic behaviour of finite size effects in field theories with RG limit cycles;
  53. hep-th/0312185: M Flohr and M Krohn, Operator product expansion and zero mode structure in logarithmic CFT;
  54. hep-th/0312279: Al. Zamolodchikov, Higher Equations of Motions in Liouville Field Theory;
  55. hep-th/0312293:  M Niedermaier and E Seiler, Non-amenability and spontaneous symmetry breaking - the hyperbolic spin chain;
  56. cond-mat/0401324: J.-L. Kneur, A. Neveu, M. B. Pinto, A new improved optimization of perturbation theory: applications to the oscillator energy levels and Bose-Einstein critical temperature;
  57. hep-th/0402082: VA Fateev and M Lashkevich, Form factors for exponential fields for two-parametric family of integrable models;
  58. hep-lat/0403004: M Caselle, M Hasenbusch and M Panero, Short distance behaviour of the effective string;
  59. hep-th/0403152: V Kazakov and I Kostov, Instantons in Non-Critical strings from the Two Matrix Model;
  60. hep-th/0403178: A LeClair and G Sierra, Renormalisation group limit cycles and field theories for elliptic S-matrices;
  61. hep-th/0403179: JD Edelstein and J Mas, Localised intersections of nonextremal P-branes and S-branes;
  62. hep-th/0403191: NM Nikolov and IT Todorov, Elliptic thermal correlation functions and modular forms in a globally conformal invariant QFT;
  63. math-ph/0404045: F Colomo and AG Pronko, On the refined 3-enumeration of alternating sign matrices;
  64. hep-th/0404149: P Baseilhac, Deformed Dolan-Grady relations in quantum integrable models;
  65. hep-th/0404260: JLF Barbon, C Hoyos, D Mateos and R Myers, The holographic life of the eta-prime;
  66. cond-mat/0404681: LS Georgiev and MR Geller, Magnetic Moment Oscillations in a Quantum Hall Ring;
  67. math-ph/0405005: NM Nikolov and IT Todorov, Conformal invariance and rationality in an even dimensional quantum field theory;
  68. hep-th/0405044: H Boos, M Jimbo, T Miwa, F Smirnov and Y Takeyama, A recursion formula for the correlation functions of an inhomogeneous XXX model;
  69. hep-th/0405110: G Feverati and P Grinza, Integrals of motion from TBA and lattice-conformal dictionary;
  70. hep-th/0405139: G Mussardo, V Riva and G Sotkov, Semiclassical Scaling Functions of Sine-Gordon Model;
  71. hep-th/0405163:  A Duncan, M Niedermaier and E Seiler, Vacuum orbit and spontaneous symmetry breaking in hyperbolic sigma models;
  72. math.QA/0405332: J Teschner, An analog of a modular functor from quantized Teichmüller theory, I;
  73. hep-lat/0406008: M Caselle, M Pepe and A Rago, Static quark potential and effective string corrections in the (2+1)-D SU(2) Yang-Mills theory;
  74. hep-th/0406072: K Gawedzki,  Abelian and non-Abelian branes in WZW models and gerbes; 
  75. hep-th/0406139: G Zs Toth, A non-perturbative study of phase transitions in the multi-frequency sine-Gordon model;
  76. hep-th/0406149: Z Bajnok, L Palla and G Takacs, (Semi)classical analysis of Sine-Gordon theory on a strip;
  77. hep-th/0406154: V K Dobrev, Characters of the positive energy UIRs of D=4 conformal supersymmetry;
  78. hep-th/0407003: M Flohr, Logarithmic field theory - or - How to compute a torus amplitude on a sphere;
  79. math-ph/0407021: VA Fateev, R DePietri and E Onofri, Exact and semiclassical approach to a class of singular intergal operators arising in fluid mechanics and quantum field theory;
  80. math-ph/0407049:  J Nagi and R Rasmussen, On stochastic evolutions and superconformal field theory;
  81. hep-th/0407142: G Delfino and G Niccoli, Matrix elements of the operator T\bar{T} in integrable quantum field theory;
  82. hep-th/0407199:  E Corrigan and C Zambon, Aspects of sine-Gordon solitons, defects and gates;
  83. hep-th/0407236: JLF Barbon and E Rabinovici, Touring the Hagedorn ridge;
  84. math-ph/0408025: P Baseilhac, An integrable structure related with tridiagonal algebras;
  85. math-ph/0408042: J de Gier and V Rittenberg, Refined Razumov-Stroganov conjectures for open boundaries;
  86. hep-th/0408052: LS Georgiev, A universal conformal field theory approach to the chiral persistent currents in the mesoscopic fractional Hall states;
  87. hep-th/0408079: D Fioravanti, Geometrical loci and CFTs via the Virasoro symmetry of the MKdV-SG hierarchy: an excursus;
  88. hep-th/0408119: JL Miramontes, T-duality in massive integrable field theories: the homogeneous and complex sine-Gordon models;
  89. hep-th/0409078: E Guendelman, A Kaganovich, E Nissimov and S Pacheva, Weyl-invariant light-like branes and black hole physics;
  90. hep-th/0410151: A Cappelli and M Riccardi,  Matrix Model Description of Laughlin Hall States;
  91. math-ph/0411076: F Colomo and AG Pronko, Square ice, alternating sign matrices and classical orthogonal polynomials;
  92. hep-th/0412028: C Adam and J Sanchez-Guillen, Symmetries of generalised soliton models and submodels on target space S^2;
  93. hep-th/0412034: C Adam and J Sanchez-Guillen, The symmetries of the Dirac-Pauli equation in two and three dimensions;
  94. math-ph/0412095: L Feher, I Tutsui and T Fulop, Inequivalent quantisations of the three-particle Calogero model constructed by separation of variables;
  95. hep-th/0412159: V Caudrelier, M Mintchev, E Ragoucy and P Sorba, Reflection-transmission quantum Yang-Baxter equations;
  96. hep-th/0412192: Z Bajnok, L Palla and G Takacs, Finite size effects in quantum field theories with boundary from scattering data;
  97. cond-mat/0412446: L Campos Venuti, C Deglis Esposti Boschi, E Ercolessi, G Morandi, F Ortolani, S Pasini and M Roncaglia, Particle content of the nonlinear sigma model with theta term: a lattice model investigation;
  98. hep-lat/0501027: M Caselle, M Hasenbusch and M Panero, Comparing the Nambu-Goto string with LGT results;
  99. hep-th/0501047: C Ahn, Z Bajnok, RI Nepomechie, L Palla and G Takacs, NLIE for hole excited states in the sine-Gordon model with two boundaries;
  100. hep-th/0501173: G Delfino and G Niccoli, Form factors of descendant operators in the massive Lee-Yang model;
  101. hep-th/0501220:  E Nissimov and S Pacheva, Weyl-conformally invariant p-brane theories;
  102. hep-th/0502188: R Hernandez, E Lopez, A Perianez and G Sierra, Finite size effects in ferromagnetic spin chains and quantum corrections to classical strings;
  103. cond-mat/0502365: J-S Caux and JM Maillet, Computation of dynamical correlation functions of Heisenberg chains in a field;
  104. hep-th/0503018: D Controzzi and G Mussardo, Mass generation in perturbed massless integrable models;
  105. cond-mat/0503014: A Anfossi, A LeClair and G Sierra, The elementary excitations of the exactly solvable Russian doll BCS model of superconductivity;
  106. cond-mat/0503021: L Campos Venuti and M Roncaglia, Analytic relations between localizable entanglement and string correlations in spin systems;
  107. math-ph/0503036: P Baseilhac and K Koizumi, A new (in)finite algebra for quantum integrable models;
  108. math-ph/0503049: F Colomo and AG Pronko, On two-point boundary correlations in the six-vertex model with DWBC;
  109. hep-th/0503144: JLF Barbon and E Rabinovici, Topology change and unitarity in quantum black hole dynamics;
  110. hep-th/0503155: F Bastianelli, P Benincasa and S Giombi, Worldline approach to vector and anti-symmetric tensor fields;
  111. cond-mat/0503539: D Controzzi, C Degli Esposti Boschi, F Ortolani and S Pasini, Scaling of excitations in dimerized and frustrated spin 1/2 chains;
  112. hep-th/0504043: J Teschner, On tachyon condensation and open-closed duality in the c=1 string theory;
  113. hep-th/0504122: D Fioravanti and P Rossi, From finite geometry exact quantities to (elliptic) scattering amplitudes for spin chains: the 1/2-XYZ;
  114. hep-th/0504146:  NM Nikolov, K-H Rehren and IT Todorov, Partial wave expansion and Wightman positivity in conformal field theory;
  115.  hep-th/0505063: Al B Zamolodchikov, On the three-point function in minimal Liouville gravity;
  116. hep-th/0505120:  VA Fateev and AV Litvinov, On differential equation on four-point correlation function in the Conformal Toda Field Theory;
  117. hep-th/0505181: D Arean, A Paredes and AV Ramallo, Adding flavour to the gravity dual of non-commutative gauge theories;
  118. hep-th/0505201: M Billo and M Caselle, Polyakov loop correlators from D0-brane interactions in bosonic string theory;
  119. hep-th/0506089: Z Bajnok, L Palla and G Takacs, Casimir forces between planes as a boundary finite size effect;
  120. cond-mat/0506698: J-S Caux, R Hagemans and JM Maillet, Computation of dynamical correlation functions of Heisenberg chains: the gapless anisotropic regime;
  121. cond-mat/0506733: M Caselle and U Magnea, Symmetric space description of carbon nanotubes;
  122. hep-th/0507053: P Baseilhac and K Koizumi, A deformed analogue of Onsager's symmetry in the XXZ open spin chain;
  123. math-ph/0507062: L Feher and BG Pusztai, Spin Calogero models obtained from dynamical r-matrics and geodesic motion;
  124. hep-th/0507155: F Canoura, A Paredes and AV Ramallo, Supersymmetric defects in the Maldecena-Nunez background;
  125. hep-th/0507193: E Nissimov and S Pacheva, Weyl-conformally invariant light-like p-brane theories: New aspects in black hole physics and KaluzaKlein dynamics;
  126. hep-th/0507211: M Flohr and A Mueller-Lohmann, Conformal field theory properties of two-dimensional percolation;
  127. hep-th/0508011:  C Adam and J Sanchez-Guillen, Generalised integrability conditions and target space geometry;
  128. hep-th/0508023:  V Balasubramanian, J de Boer, V Jejjala and J Simón, The Library of Babel: On the origins of gravitational thermodynamics;
  129. hep-th/0508044: Al B Zamolodchikov, Perturbed Conformal Field Theory on a Fluctuating Sphere;
  130. quant-ph/0508236: L Campos Venuti, C Degli Esposti Boschi,  G Morandi, M Roncaglia and A Scaramucci, Local measures of entanglement and critical exponents at quantum phase transitions;
  131. cond-mat/0508410: L Samaj and Z Bajnok, Exactly solvable model of the 2D electrical double layer;
  132. hep-th/0509075: M Flohr and M Gaberdiel, Logarithmic torus amplitudes;
  133. hep-th/0509153: S Fredenhagen and T Quella, Generalised permutation branes;
  134. hep-th/0510010: F Bastianelli, P Benincasa and S Giombi, Worldline approach to vector and anti-symmetric tensor fields II;
  135. hep-th/0510062: H Babujian, A Foerster and M Karowski, Exact form factors in integrable quantum field theories: the scaling Z(N)- Ising model;
  136. hep-th/0510107: M Caselle, M Hasenbusch and M Panero, On the effective string spectrum of the tridimensional Z(2) gauge model;
  137. hep-th/0510271: VA Fateev and SL Lukyanov, Boundary RG Flow Associated with the AKNS Soliton Hierarchy;
  138. cond-mat/0510272:  FC Alcaraz and V Rittenberg, Supersymmetry on Jacobstahl lattices;
  139. math.NT/0510572: G Sierra, The Riemann zeros and the cyclic renormalization group;
  140. hep-th/0511294: M Riccardi, Physical observables for noncommutative Landau levels;
  141. nlin.SI/0512038: E Corrigan and C Zambon, Jump-defects in the nonlinear Schrodinger model
    and other non-relativistic field theories;
  142. hep-th/0512087: F Canoura, JD Edelstein, LA Pando Zayas, AV Ramallo and D Vaman,
    Supersymmetric branes on AdS(5) x Y**p,q and their field theory duals
  143. hep-th/0512211: J Barrett and P Bowcock, Using D-strings to describe monopole scattering - numerical calculations;
  144. hep-th/0512265: G Takacs and F Wagner, Double sine-Gordon revisited;
  145. hep-th/0512354: VK Dobrev, Invariant differential operators and characters of the AdS_4 algebra;
  146. hep-th/0601023: M Caselle, M Hasenbusch and M Panero, High precision Monte-Carlo simulations of interfaces in the three-dimensional Ising model: a comparison with the Nambu-Goto effective string model;
  147. math-ph/0601038: R Weston, The entanglement entropy of solvable lattice models;
  148. hep-th/0601073: V Fateev, N Postnikov and Y Pugai, On scaling fields in $Z_N$ Ising models;
  149. hep-th/0601107: Z Bajnok, Equivalences between spin models induced by defects;
  150. hep-th/0601144: J Mas, Shear viscosity from R-charged AdS black holes;
  151. hep-th/0601191: M Billo, M Caselle, and L Ferro, The partition function of interfaces from the Nambu-Goto effective string theory;
  152. hep-th/0602006: BH Miller, Conserved charges in the principal chiral model on a supergroup;
  153. hep-th/0602008: J Sanchez-Guillen, C Adam and A Wereszczynski, Hopf solitons and Hopf Q-balls on S^3;
  154. hep-th/0602021: JD Edelstein and R Portugues, Gauge/string duality in confining theories;
  155. math-ph/0602033: F Colomo and AG Pronko, The role of orthogonal polynomials in the six-vertex model and its combinatorial applications;
  156. hep-th/0602152: C Adam, J Sanchez-Guillen, RA Vazquez and A Wereszczynski, Investigation of the Nicole model;
  157. hep-th/0602174: D Arean and AV Ramallo, Open string modes at brane intersections;
  158. cond-mat/0603681: RG Pereira, J Sirker, JS Caux, R Hagemans, JM Maillet,  SR White and I Affleck, The dynamical spin structure factor for the anisotropic spin-1/2 Heisenberg chain;
  159. hep-th/0603112: A Doikou, The open XXZ and associated models at q root of unity;
  160. hep-th/0603175: Z Bajnok, L Palla, G Takacs, On the boundary form factor programme;
  161. hep-th/0604022: B Pozsgay and G Takacs, Characterization of resonances using finite size effects;
  162. math-ph/0604035: P Baseilhac, A family of tridiagonal pairs and related symmetric functions;
  163. math-ph/0604036: P Baseilhac, The q-deformed analogue of the Onsager algebra: beyond the Bethe ansatz approach;
  164. math-ph/0604073:  L Feher and BG Pusztai, Spin Calogero models associated with Riemann symmetric spaces of negative curvature;
  165. hep-th/0604158: Al Zamolodchikov, Gravitational Yang-Lee Model. Four Point Function;
  166. quant-ph/0604215: L Campos Venuti, C Degli Esposti Boschi and M Roncaglia, Long distance entanglement in spin systems;
  167. hep-th/0605174: JD Edelstein, M Hassaine, R Troncoso and J Zanelli, Lie-algebra expansions, Chern-Simons theories and the Einstein-Hilbert Lagrangian;
  168. hep-th/0605186: JD Edelstein and J Zanelli, (Super-)Gravities of a different sort;
  169. hep-th/0605260: F Canoura, JD Edelstein and AV Ramallo, D-brane probes on L(a,b,c) Superconformal Field Theories;
  170. hep-th/0605261: AV Ramallo, Adding open string modes to the gauge/gravity correspondence;
  171. cond-mat/0605729:  L Campos Venuti, C Degli Esposti Boschi, E Ercolessi, G Morandi, F Ortolani, S Pasini and M Roncaglia, Stable particles in anisotropic spin-1 chains;
  172. math-ph/0606040: A Doikou, Asymmetric twin representation:the transfer matrix symmetry;
  173. hep-ph/0606245: N Armesto, JD Edelstein and J Mas, Jet quenching at finite `t Hooft coupling and chemical potential from AdS/CFT;
  174. hep-th/0606269: OA Castro-Alvaredo, Boundary form factors of the sinh-Gordon model with Dirichlet boundary conditions;
  175. hep-th/0607025: G Mussardo, Neutral bound states in kink-like theories;
  176. hep-th/0607216: C Adam, J Sanchez-Guillen, A Wereszczynski, Soliton stability in some knot soliton models;
  177. hep-th/0608196: A Zamolodchikov and Al. Zamolodchikov, Decay of metastable vacuum in Liouville gravity;
  178. hep-th/0609010: D Arean, AV Ramallo and D Rodriguez-Gomez, Mesons and Higgs branch in defect theories
  179. math-ph/0609085: L Feher and BG Pusztai, A class of Calogero type reductions of free motion on a simple Lie group;
  180. hep-th/0609130: H Babujian, A Foerster and M Karowski, The form factor program: a review and new results - the nested SU(N) off-shell Bethe ansatz;
  181. hep-th/0610269: A Cappelli and ID Rodriguez, Jain states in a matrix theory of the Quantum Hall Effect;
  182. hep-th/0611012: H Babujian, A Foerster and M Karowski, The nested SU(N) off-shell Bethe ansatz and exact form factors;
  183. hep-th/0611296:  T Quella, I Runkel and GMT Watts, Reflection and transmission for conformal defects;
  184. hep-th/0611338: T Eguchi, Y Sugawara and A Taormina, Liouville field, modular forms and elliptic genera;
  185. hep-th/0612040: T Creutzig, T Quella and V Schomerus, New boundary conditions for the c=-2 ghost system;

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