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Integrable models and applications: from strings to condensed matter

Articles written by postdoctoral scientists employed by the contract and not included in the joint publication list.

  1. hep-th/0303205:  A Doikou,  Fused integrable lattice models with quantum impurities and open boundaries;
  2. math.QA/0304150: D Arnaudon, J Avan, N Crampé, A Doikou, L Frappat and E Ragoucy,   Classification of reflection matrices related to (super) Yangians and application to open spin chain models;
  3. math.QA/0305424: J Avan and A Doikou, Commuting quantum traces for reflection algebras;
  4. hep-th/0309211: B Ponsot,  Liouville theory on the pseudosphere: bulk-boundary structure constant;
  5. math-ph/0310042: D Arnaudon, J Avan, N Crampe, A Doikou, L Frappat and E Ragoucy, Bethe ansatz equations and exact S-matrices for the osp(M|2n) open super spin chain;
  6. hep-th/0311148: OA Castro-Alvaredo and A Fring, Integrable models with unstable particles;
  7. hep-th/0312012: A Bytsko and A Doikou, Thermodynamcis and conformal properties of XXZ chains with alternating spins;
  8. hep-th/0401075: OA Castro-Alvaredo and A Fring, On vacuum energies and renormalizabilitiy in integrable quantum field theories;
  9. math-ph/0402067: A Doikou, Boundary quantum group generators from the open transfer matrix;
  10. math.QA/0403246: Z Nagy, J Avan, A Doikou and G Rollet, Commuting quantum traces for quadratic algebras;
  11. hep-th/0403277: A Doikou, On reflection algebras and boundary Yangians;
  12. hep-th/0405218: B Ponsot, Form factors in the SS model and its RSOS restrictions;
  13. math-ph/0406021: D Arnaudon , J Avan, N Crampe, A Doikou, L Frappat,  and E Ragoucy, General boundary conditions for the sl(N) and sl(M|N) open spin chains;
  14. hep-th/0406066:  OA Castro-Alvaredo and A Fring,  Chaos in the thermodynamic Bethe ansatz;
  15. hep-th/0408210: D Arean, D Crooks and AV Ramallo, Supersymmetric probes on the conifold;
  16. math-ph/0409060: A Doikou, From Hecke algebras to boundary symmetries;
  17. math-ph/0409076: D Arnaudon, J Avan, N Crampé, A Doikou, L Frappat, and É Ragoucy, On osp(M|2n) integrable open spin chains;
  18. math-ph/0409078: D.Arnaudon, J Avan, N Crampé, A Doikou, L Frappat, and É Ragoucy, On sl(N) and sl(M|N) integrable open spin chains;
  19. hep-th/0411043: P Grinza and B Ponsot, Form factors in the massless coset models su(2)_{k+1} \otimes su(2)_k /su(2)_{2k+1} - Part I;
  20. hep-th/0411193: P Grinza and B Ponsot, Form factors in the massless coset models su(2)_{k+1} \otimes su(2)_k /su(2)_{2k+1} - Part II;
  21. cond-mat/0411512:  A Nichols, V Rittenberg and J  de Gier, One-boundary Temperley-Lieb algebras in the XXZ and loop models;
  22. hep-th/0412067: A George, The massive Klein-Gordon field coupled to a harmonic oscillator at the boundary;
  23. hep-th/0412125: A Hegedus, Nonlinear integral equations for finite volume excited energies of the O(3) and O(4) nonlinear sigma-models;
  24. cond-mat/0501110: V Caudrelier and N Crampé,  Exact results for the one-dimensional many-body problem with contact interaction: Including a tunable impurity;
  25. hep-th/0503019: A Doikou and PP Martin, On quantum group symmetry and Bethe ansatz for the asymmetric twin spin chain with integrable boundary;
  26. hep-th/0505062: J de Gier, A Nichols, P Pyatov and V Rittenberg, Magic in the spectra of the XXZ quantum chain with boundaries at $\Delta=0$ and $\Delta=1/2$;
  27. hep-th/0507114: S Ribault, Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equations and spectral flow in AdS3 string theory;
  28. hep-th/0507132: A Hegedus, Nonlinear integral equations for the finite size effects of RSOS and vertex-models and related quantum field theories;
  29. hep-th/0507209: A Nichols, Spectral equivalences and symmetry breaking in integrable SU_q(N) spin chains with boundaries;
  30. hep-th/0509069: A Nichols, The Temperley-Lieb algebra and its generalizations in the Potts and XXZ models;
  31. hep-th/0509162: A Doikou, On the symmetries of integrable systems with boundaries;
  32. math-ph/0511062: N Crampé, New spin generalisation for longe range interaction models;
  33. cond-mat/0511619: V Caudrelier and N Crampé, Exact energy spectrum for models with equally spaced point potentials;
  34. math-ph/0512013: N Crampé and CAS Young, Bethe equations for a g_2 model;
  35. hep-th/0608003: K Graham, A Konechny and J Teschner, On the time-dependent description for the decay of unstable D-branes;
  36. math-ph/0609057:  N Crampé and CAS Young, Integrable models from twisted half loop algebras;
  37. hep-th/0609179: M Bianchi, FA Dolan, PJ Heslop and H Osborn, N=4 superconformal characters and partition functions;
  38. hep-th/0610012:   A Hegedus, F Ravanini and J Suzuki, Exact finite-size effects in super sine-Gordon model;
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