By the Hudson Piers

I am a lecturer in linguistics in the Department of Language and Linguistic Science at the University of York. My main research interests are semantics and neurolinguistics.

I am a member of the syntax and semantics research group and am also a member of the psycholinguistics research group.

Before my time at York, I gained my PhD at the NYU Department of Linguistics, under the supervision of Anna Szabolcsi. Prior to that, I completed a BA degree in English (literature and linguistics) at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Topics of recent interest

  • Distributivity and its multiple facets.
  • The semantics of plurals in English and other languages.
  • The processing of scalar implicatures.
  • The cross-linguistic distribution of object-mass nouns.

Downloadable Papers

  • Number-Neutral Bare plurals and the Multiplicity Implicature (to appear), Linguistics & Philosophy. (Download) - draft version, final version to appear at
  • A visual M170 effect of morphological complexity (with Liina Pylkkänen) (2008) Language and Cognitive Processes. (link)
  • Dependent Plurals and Plural Meaning. NYU Doctoral dissertation, January 2008. (download)
  • When the Donkey Lost Its Fleas: Persistence, Minimal Situations, and Embedded Quantifiers (2006), Natural Language Semantics 14, pp. 283-296. (Earlier version available on the Semantics Archive)
  • The Implications of Dependent Plural Readings, in Proceedings of NELS 36. (download)
  • Nouns and Adjectives in Numeral NPs, in Proceedings of NELS 35. (download)



  • beamerthemehandout.sty - A beamer template for making handout versions of slideshows; it retains the formatting of slides but is less graphically intensive and is better suited for printouts than most beamer templates.
  • NYU_thesis_template.tex - NYU has some strange requirements for formatting a PhD dissertation. Specifically, if you have more than one appendix, they cannot be listed on the table of contents but must appear in a separate "list of appendices". This is rather tricky to do in LaTeX. This tex file shows one way of implementing this, using only packages available on CTAN. (Note that the version of my thesis available to download above is not formatted according to the NYU guidelines).
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