1. Introduction to Syntax
  2. Issues at the Syntax Semantics Interface
  3. Advanced topics at the interfaces of syntax
  4. Crosslinguistic Semantics


PhD Students

Those who finished

  • Evi Sifaki: EPP Satisfiers: Verb initial orders in Greek
  • Jonny Butler: Phase Structure, Phrase Structure and Quantification
  • Haruko Ishikawa: Multiple Syubjects in Japanese
  • Alex Galani: The morphosyntax of the Greek Verb
  • Norman Yeo: Wh dependencies and quantification in Singapore English
  • Antri Kanikli: The syntax of WH Questions in Cypriot Greek
  • Maryam Gholizadeh: L2 Acquisition of Quantifier-Negation Interaction
  • Rebecca Woods: The Syntax of Speech Acts: Embedding Illocutionary Force

And those who are still on