Fairlamb Research Group

Catalysis, Synthetic and Mechanistic Chemistry


Current active external academic collaborations:

  • Catalysis and automation (robotics)

Dr. Richard Bourne (University of Leeds, UK)

Dr. Charlotte Willans (Leeds, UK)

  • Computational studies

Professor Zhenyang Lin (HKUST, Hong Kong) 

Professor Roy Johnston (Birmingham, UK)

Dr. Alireza Ariafard (Tasmania, Austrailia)

  • Surface science (XANES/EXAFS)

Current active internal collaborations (York):

  • Therapeutic Carbon Monoxide

Dr. Jason Lynam (CO-RM mechanisms for degradation)

Dr. James Moir (Antimicrobial properties of CO-RMs)

Dr. Alison Parkin (CO redox chemistry)

Dr. Ville Friman (CO biology)

  • Laser / NMR spectroscopy / Imaging

Professor Simon Duckett (Isotopic labelling, imaging in catalysis and biological systems)

IJSF is an associated academic member of staff with the Centre for Hyperpolarisation in Magnetic Resonance

  • C-H bond activation

Professor Robin Perutz (Regioselectivity and Fluoroarenes)

Dr. Jason Lynam (Mn Chemistry)

Professor James Lee (NOx chemistry)

  • Enzymes for amide bond-forming reactions and tandem synthetic processes

Professor Gideon Grogan (biocatalysis, sequential synthetic processes)

  • Organolithium chemistry and in situ reaction monitoring by IR

Professor Peter O'Brien (Kinetic studies using in situ IR)

  • Robotics and automation

Dr. Julie Wilson (Statistical analysis/Chemometrics)

Dr. John Slattery (High throughput computation)

Dr. Jason Lynam (Mechanism/computation)

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