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Thereapeutic Carbon Monoxide Conference May 2011

Despite the perception that carbon monoxide (CO) is poisonous and lifethreatening to mammalian organisms, CO is an essential molecule for formation of biological components. Cells are continuously exposed to CO produced endogenously by the degradation of heme by heme oxygenase enzymes. This CO serves as a ubiquitous signalling mediator which can be exploited therapeutically. The development of prototypic carbon monoxide-releasing molecules (CO-RMs) represents a novel strategy for the safe delivery of CO-based pharmaceuticals in the treatment of various pathological disorders, which mimics the heme oxygenase process. CO-RMs exert vasodilatory, cardioprotective and antiinflammatory effects and can protect tissues against oxidative stress. Whilst the mechanism of action of CO-RMs remains to be fully elucidated, CO-RMs may help to identify CO-responsive cellular components and facilitate its delivery in a safe, measureable and controllable fashion. The central aim of this conference is bring scientists from different disciplines together to understand more fully the interaction of CO and CO-RMs with complex biological systems. We need to learn more from the NO-field, and devise viable CO-RM drug design strategies moving forward. New developments in the delivery and imaging of CO and CO-RMs will be discussed, including the identification of new experimental chemical, biochemical and clinical techniques for the future.

Royal Society Kavli International Centre (aka Chichley Hall).

The conference speakers. 

RSC Dalton Discussion 12: Catalytic C-H and C-X Bond Activation

The meeting, the first of its kind between Inorganic (Dalton) and Organic Chemistry divsions of the RSC, was organised by Todd Marder, Phil Dyer and IJSF at Durham University. Read about it in full by clicking PGM Review.

Prof. A. Lei, Prof. T. Marder, IJSF, Prof. Z.-j. Shi, Prof. Y. Nakao 

The Castle: Durham University

ACS Conference in Washington DC 2009:

Dr. Anthony Atkin, Dr. Jon Reeds, IJSF, Dr. Mike Burns

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