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02.10.2017: A big welcome to all new Fairlamb research group members starting in October!  

14-15.09.2017: RSC Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry Discussion Group meeting at Lancaster University. PhD students, Anders Hammarback and Benjamin Aucott deliver poster presentations on their time-resolved manganese(I) carbonyl chemistry.

12.09.2017: Congratulations to George Clarke for his poster prize at the 'N8 Robotics and Automous Systems: Student Network Launch' meeting held at the University of Sheffield.

08.09.2017: IJSF delivers Plenary lecture at the Syngenta Collaborative Conference at Jeolott's Hill, entitled "Mechanism-driven catalyst design and synthetic chemistry".

06.09.2017: IJSF delivers lecture at the European Symposium on Organic Reactivity at Durham University, entitled "Aerobic C-H bond activation-functionalisation catalysis involving Pd-NOx".

05-07.09.2017: Artemis, Octopus and ULTRA User Meeting 2017.  PhD students, Anders Hammarback and Benjamin Aucott deliver Flash presentations and posters on their time-resolved manganese(I) carbonyl chemistry. 

04.09.2017: The research group welcome a new ERASMUS student, Christina Jordan, from Muenster in Germany. Christina will work on manganese(I) carbonyl chemistry.     

27.07.2017: Pd-Catalysed aromatic cyanation mechanistic work highlighted with Conference poster first prize for Dr. Joshua Bray at the Page Lecture 2017 (University of Huddersfield, UK).  The picture below is Josh with a statue of Harold Wilson at the Station front in Huddersfield.

13.07.2017: Several PhD/MSc/MChem students from the Fairlamb research group graduate.  We wish them all the best on their future careers - PhDs, Dr. Kate Appleby, Dr. Josh Bray, Dr. Lyndsay Ledingham, Dr. George Platt and Dr. Qiong Xu. MScs, Evans Dzotsi and Rachel Steen.  MChems, Francis Clarke and Charlotte Haigh.

Congratulations Dr. Josh Bray!

Congratulations Dr. Lyndsay Ledingham!

Congratulations Dr. George Platt!

Congratulations Dr. Qiong Xu!

Congratulations Rachel Stein!

Congratulations Evans Dzotsi!

Congratulations Francis Clarke!

26.06.2017: IJSF, Anders Hammarback and Jason Lynam conduct work on manganese(I) carbonyls at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratories

10.04.2017: Mechanistic Manganese(I) chemistry gathering momentum - Anders Hammarback, working with the Fairlamb and Lynam groups (project sponsored by EPSRC/Syngenta CASE), wins a poster prize at the Physical Organic Chemistry conference held at Astra-Zeneca in Macclesfield (UK).  Well done Anders!

28.03.2017: David Turnbull from the Fairlamb group wins first prize at the Royal Society of Chemistry Regional Meeting at Durham for his poster entitled "Manganese(I)–Mediated C-H Bond Activation/Alkenylation of a Tryptophan derivative".  Well done David!

10.02.2017:  The research group have an Away day at the National Rail Museum in York.   

The group at no. 68 Gillygate - Brunch.

The Bullet train.

10 metres away from The Flying Scotsman.

Amazing how many of the group were mesmorised by the workshop - refurbishment of the 'Sir Nigel Griesley'

Anders: "Once a Fairlamb Always a Fairlamb".

George and Charlotte on the Mallard.

Driver "J. T. W. Bray"

Group 2 on the afternoon work activity. 

Group 1 on the afternoon work activity. 

Group 2 on the afternoon work activity. 

01.02.2017: Josh T.W. Bray rejoins the research group for a post-doctoral position working on reactivating palladium waste streams for re-use in catalytic cross-coupling reactions.  The work is in collaboration with Dr. Anant Kapdi, Dr. Yogesh Sanghvi and Dr. Charlotte Willans.

27.01.2017: Our latest collaborative research with teams from Newcastle and Leeds Universities, is published in the journal, Green Chemistry.  The synthesis and characterisation of Pd nanoparticles decorated with phosphines is reported.  The application of the Pd nanoparticles as catalysts for aqueous chemoselective hydrogenation of alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehydes, has been exemplified.

20.01.2017: Dr. Jessica Milani graduates with a PhD degree from the University of York - here with now past-supervisor, IJSF.  Congratulations Jess - we wish you all the best in your future career and life in Manchester.

16.01.2017: Qiong 'Selena' Xu passes PhD viva voce examination for her thesis entitled "Design, Synthesis and Characterisation of Fluorescent Purine Nucleosides Containing Rigid ‘Phenyl-ethynyl-phenyl-’ Moieties: Identification of New Pd2(dba-Z)3 Catalysts for Sonogashira Cross-couplings ".  Dr. David Hodgson (Durham University) and Dr. Victor Chechik were the external and internal examiners respectively.  Congratulations Selena!  We wish you all the best in your future career.

12.01.2017: George Platt passes PhD viva voce examination for his thesis entitled "Mechanistic Investigation into the Pd-Catalysed C–H Bond Functionalisation of Fluoroarenes: Reaction Kinetics and Intermediate Characterisation". Prof. Igor Larrosa (University of Manchester) and Dr. John Slattery were the external and internal examiners respectively.  Geoerge was jointly supervised by Prof. Robin Perutz. He has worked incredibly hard on understanding the reaction mechanisms of C-H bond functionalisation reactions at Pd. Well done George - we wish you well in your future career. 

04.01.2017: University of York Press Release - Our research work on the antimicrobial effects of Trypto-CORM; click here for paper.  The paper is in the top 5% of all research outputs scored by Altmetric, picked-up by 17 news outlets. Also a Health news story on the BBSRC web site.

19.12.2016: Our latest mechanistic work showing that Pd-NOx interactions are important in catalytic oxidative Csp3-H functionalisation reactions is accepted for publication in J. Am. Chem. Soc. Published 11.01.2017

15.12.2016: Our research work on the antimicrobial effects of Trypto-CORM are reported, click here for paper

14.12.2016: IJSF delivers Corday-Morgan lecture at Keele University, entitled "Exploiting mechanistic understanding in transition metal catalysis: the synthesis of valuable chemical targets ".

08.12.2016: IJSF delivers Corday-Morgan lecture at Aston University, entitled "Exploiting mechanistic understanding in transition metal catalysis: the synthesis of valuable chemical targets ".

07.12.2016: IJSF delivers Corday-Morgan lecture at Manchester Metropolitan University, entitled "Exploiting mechanistic understanding in transition metal catalysis: the synthesis of valuable chemical targets ". 

30.11.2016: Joshua T. W. Bray passes PhD viva voce examination for his thesis entitled "Rationalising Pd-Precatalyst Design for Efficient Arylcyanation Reactions".  Dr. Matt Clarke (University of St. Andrews) and Prof. Peter O'Brien were the external and internal examiners respectively.  Joshua has been an outstanding student during his time in York, recognised by the award of the Bruker research poster prize and Kathleen-Mary Stott Prize for best post-graduate research.  He has also supported undergraduate demonstration efforts, especially year 3 mini-projects.  Many congratultions, Josh!

25.11.2016:  It's the annual Royal Society of Chemistry Top of the Firm Chemistry Quiz - This year we have two teams involved, one team with Fairlamb group members and the other with IJSF, Dr. Jason Lynam, Dr. Nick Wood and Dr. David Pugh. 

18.11.2016: IJSF receives the RSC Corday-Morgan Prize medal at Titanic Belfast.

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11.11.2016: PhD student, Mary Kagoro, presents a poster at the International Isotope Society UK Group 25th Annual Symposium, entitled "Chemoselective Carbon-13 Enrichment of 6-chloro-3-decyl-2-pyrone and 6-chloro-5-decyl-2-pyrone" in Cambridge (UK).

10.11.2016: Fairlamb group PhD student Benjamin Aucott and co-supervisor Jason Lynam visited the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory to perform experiments for the second time this year. They worked with the technical staff at the ULTRA facility to study transient photoproducts on the picosecond timescale.

04.11.2016: IJSF gave an invited research seminar at the Institute of Cancer Research (Sutton).  The title of his lecture was "Exploiting mechanistic understanding in transition metal catalysis: the synthesis of valuable chemical targets ."

26.10.2016:  Kate Appleby passes her PhD viva voce examination, with Dr. John Brown as external examiner and Dr. John Slattery as internal examiner - well done, Kate!

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