Fairlamb Research Group

Catalysis, Synthetic and Mechanistic Chemistry

Copper-NHCs & Reactivity

Arylation of Cu(I)-NHC complexes by iodobenzene

We have been working with the Willans group in Leeds on understanding how aromatic groups can be reductively elminated at both Cu and Pd.  Our work in this field has been of a fundamental nature, helping to understand how aromatic groups can be introduced by C-H activation in imidazoles, benzimidazoles and purine nucleosides.  Dr. Alireza Ariafard has provided invaluable expertise in computation for this project. 

Lead reference: Organometallics 2015, 34, 3497.

Reductive elimination of imidazolium salts from Cu(III)-NHC complexes

Working with both Ariafard and Willans we have examined the propensity of reductive elimination of various groups from Cu(III)-NHC intermedaites. The work focusses on computational rationalisation of the reductive elimination of imidazolium salts from Cu(III), revealing the sensitivity to the anionic ligand(s).

Lead reference: Chem. Commun. 2016, 52, 5057.

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