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Therapeutic CO-RMs: Metalloproteins & Bioinorganic Chemistry

In 2004 we initiated a research project exploring the reactivity of Fe(CO)3(2-pyrone) complexes as potential CO-releasing molecules (CO-RMs). Therapeutic carbon monoxide has emerged as an important new field of study in medicine, attracting considerable recent interest.  Our group in York is known for understanding the fundamental mechanistic issues surrounding CO-loss from metal-based CO-RMs under biologically relevant conditions. Our work has involved extension collaboration with various groups in York (Dr. Jason Lynam, Dr. James Moir, Dr. Alison Parkin, Dr. Ville Friman) and external collaboration with world-leading CO-RM scientist, Prof. Roberto Motterlini. 

A selection of recently developed metal-based CO-RMs from across the world

CO-RMs given a star have been developed and studied in York over the last 12 years. 

If you are interested in examining the biological effects of any CO-RMs developed in York, please contact us for further discussion.   

We are keen to collaborate with biologists and clinicians.

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