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Key recent reviews from the Fairlamb Group

Redox-Active NOx Ligands in Palladium-Mediated Processes.

I J S Fairlamb, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, 54, 10415-10427.

Catalytic C–H bond functionalisation chemistry: the case for quasi-heterogeneous catalysis.

A J Reay and I J S Fairlamb, Chem. Commun. 2015, 51, 16289-16307.

Catalytic C-H bond functionalisation of purine and pyrimidine nucleosides: a synthetic and mechanistic perspective.

V Gayakhe, Y S Sanghvi, I J S Fairlamb, A R Kapdi, Chem. Commun. 2015, 51, 11944-11960.

Cross Coupling of Alkynylzinc and Other Organozinc Derivatives.

I J S Fairlamb and A R Kapdi, In "Science of Synthesis Reference Library: Cross-coupling and Heck-type Reactions", Vol. 1, pp. 839-862, 2012, Eds.: M. Larhed, G. A. Molander, J. P. Wolfe, Thieme Publishing.

Fundamental Pd0/PdII redox steps in cross-coupling reactions: homogeneous, hybrid homogeneous-heterogeneous to heterogeneous mechanistic pathways for C-C couplings. 

A F Lee, and I J S Fairlamb, RSC book publishing, In "C-H and C-X bond activation", 2013, Ed.: X. Ribas, Chapter 3, RSC book publishing. 

Catalytic C-H/C-X bond functionalisation of nucleosides, nucleotides, nucleic Acids, amino acids, peptides and proteins. 

S De Ornellas, T J Williams, C G Baumann, and I J S Fairlamb, In "C-H and C-X bond activation", 2013, Ed.: X. Ribas, Chapter 14, RSC book publishing. 

Direct C-H/C-X coupling methodologies mediated by Pd/Cu or Cu: an examination of the synthetic applications and mechanistic findings. 

S De Ornellas, T E Storr, T J Williams, C G Baumann and I J S Fairlamb, Curr. Org. Synth. (invited contribution for special issue on C-X and C-H activation), 2011, 8, 79-101.

The influence of alkenes as π-acidic ligands in Pd-catalysed cross-couplings. 

A G Jarvis and I J S Fairlamb, Curr. Org. Chem. (invited contribution for special issue 'New trends in palladium chemistry: synthesis, structure, reactivity and applications'), 2011, 22, 3175-3196.

The emergence of palladium(IV) chemistry in synthesis and catalysis.

P Sehnal, R J K Taylor, I J S Fairlamb, Chem Rev 2010, 110, 824-889 (special issue on C-H functionalization; Guest Ed. R H Crabtree)

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