Fairlamb Research Group

Catalysis, Synthetic and Mechanistic Chemistry

Research facilities

Group facilities:

The group is well-equiped for conducting mechanistic investigations and synthetic chemistry.  

Two Schlenk lines - one adapted for use of O2.

Communal rotavaporators for the group. 

GC equipment

UV-vis equipment

ChemSpeed robotics for high-throughput reaction optimisation. 

The CEM discover microwave. 

A typical Schlenk line used in the group - each fumehood is fitted with these. 

ReactIR for in situ infrared spectroscopic analysis (Si probe and conduit shown). We also have a flexible AgX Diamond probe. 

Departmental facilities which are regularly used:

The Department has excellent facilities for our research. Those which we use on a regular basis are shown here. 

We have access to 700, 500 (x2) and 400 MHz (x2) NMR spectrometers. IJSF is also part of the Centre for Hyperpolarisation in Magnetic Resonance.

We have superb mass spec' facilities. We regularly use ESI-MS, APCI and LIFDI techniques. Shown above is a FT-ICR instrument with MALDI-TOF and ESI front-ends which we use for the study of metal clusters. 

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