Advanced Algebra

You will be able to download exercises and solutions as the term progresses. You can download those marked with an asterisk.


Exercises 1*, Exercises 2*, Exercises 3*, Exercises 4*, Exercises 5*, Exercises 6*, Exercises 7*
Summer Exercises 1*, Summer Exercises 2*, Summer Exercises 3*


Solutions 1*, Solutions 2*, Solutions 3*, Solutions 4*, Solutions 5*, Solutions 6*, Solutions 7*
Summer Solutions 1*, Summer Solutions 2*, Summer Solutions 3*

Past Examinations and Solutions

Some examinations (and solutions to the questions) from past years can be obtained here. Remember that the course changes a little from year to year.
2001 examination and its solutions.
2002 examination and its solutions.
2003 examination and its solutions.


The proof of the result on the existence of Smith normal form.
The product formula.

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The Advanced Algebra entry.

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