FHAMAS Faster High-Accuracy Modal Analysis and Synthesis

The FHAMAS Library is a set of C++ functions dedicated to the estimation and re-synthesis of spectral models of object impulse-responses. The library is supplied in source-code form so it can be incorporated into new or existing projects. It constists of two components:

libSOF - A Software library that performs parametric analysis of combinations of damped sinusoids. Modelled parameters include Sample Offset estimation [SOF].


libFDS - Software library that performs Fourier-domain synthesis of damped sinusoids with arbitrary parameters.

Further information can be found in the relevant library folders.

Prerequisistes: Intel Integrated Performance Primitives [IPP].

The code is free for non-commercial or educational use and is distributed under the GNU Public License (GPL 3.0 or higher). Please contact the University of York for commercial licensing information

Contact: jez.wells@york.ac.uk

Downloads: Please email jez.wells@york.ac.uk with a brief paragraph explaining your interest.

Package maintainer: kenneth.brown@york.ac.uk

Reference: The FHAMAS Library, Kenneth Brown and Jez Wells, (planned)

This project was funded by an EPSRC Impact Accelerator Fund via the University of York