Jacob M. Allen

Final Year Computer Science Integrated Masters Student

I'm Jacob Allen, a Computer Science student from York.

I'm currently studying at for a Masters in Computer Science at the University of York.

My areas of interest are: Embedded and Real-Time Systems, Computer Architectures, Code Generation, Code Analysis, and Computer Engineering. I also dabble in Electronic Engineering from time to time.

Notable Work

Dissertation Project - Developing embedded firmware for the Pi-puck robotics platform

For my dissertation I worked on a project to develop ROS (Robot Operating System) based firmware for the Pi-puck platform developed at the University of York. As a test case for the firmware a series of mapping tests were performed using sparse distance data to map arenas. The project received a 1st with distinction and some of the work was used in a subsequent paper about the current state of the Pi-puck platform.


3rd Year Embedded Systems Project

Available here, description coming soon.

2nd Year Embedded Systems Group Project

Group work available here and individual work available here, description coming soon.

Elsewhere on the Web

My personal website is here.

My GitHub is here.

My ORCiD is here.

My LinkedIn is here.