General Resources
Online Resources
        Use this rather than Wikipedia.
        A comprehensive database of online philosophical articles and books, very useful!
        Does exactly as it says on the tin.
        A collection of journal articles.
        Amongst other things, includes a link to the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy and
        Philosopher’s Index (a database of philosophical publications).
Also: check philosophers’ webpages, as they often contain online versions of their published work.
Essay Writing
        Further information for York students here.
        Some general pointers on essay technique that I prepared.
        Tom Stoneham’s guide.
        By Jim Pryor, at New York University (NYU).
Teaching 2009-10
Theory of Ideas (2nd/3rd Year, Autumn 2009)
Philosophy of Colour (2nd/3rd Year, Spring 2010)
Knowledge and Perception (1st Year, Summer 2010)
Course materials are available to enrolled students via the York VLE.
Previous Teaching
Merleau-Ponty (2nd/3rd Year, Spring 2009)
Puzzles and Paradoxes, with Mike Beaney (2nd/3rd Year, Autumn 2008)
Knowledge and Peception (1st Year, Summer 2008)
Atheism and Scepticism in C17th, with Tom Stoneham (2nd/3rd Year, Spring 2008)
Truth (2nd Year, Autumn 2007)