CorpusSearch Lite:

A beginner's guide to searching with CorpusSearch Version 1.1

This manual includes some features which are not included in the Version 1.0 (CD-rom) release. These are preference files, a new version of remove_nodes, automatic searching of conjunction structures and the coding function.

Table of Contents

The structure of tokens
Tree Structure
Defining relations on trees

Running CorpusSearch
Running CorpusSearch under Windows

CorpusSearch output
The preface
The body
The summary

The structure of a query
The query
Logical operators
NOT (!)
OR (|)

Basic Search functions
Immediately Dominates (iDoms)
Immediately precedes (iPrecedes)
Immediately Dominates Only (iDomsOnly)

Basic commands
Setting the NODE
ignore_nodes and add_to_ignore

Multi-call queries
Multi-call queries and the logical operator AND
Same instance
Prefix indices
Controlling the NODE in multi-call queries
How CorpusSearch counts

An algorithm for successful searching

Optional command files
Definition files
Preference files

Advanced commands
Advanced uses of add_to_ignore

Advanced search functions
Finding constituents in particular positions
Immediately Dominates as first/second/etc. daughter (iDomsNumber#)
Immediately Dominates as last/second last/etc. daughter (iDomsLast#)
Counting constituents and words
Counting words (domsWords#, domsWords>#, domsWords<#)
Counting constituents (iDomsTotal#, iDomsTotal>#, iDomsTotal<#)

Searching conjunction structures

The coding function
Some non-obvious uses of coding
Hand coding
Storing information
Simulating OR

Searching "special" nodes
Searching the ID node (inID)
Searching the CODING node (column#)

Some extended examples
© 2003 Ann Taylor and University of York