A first search using CorpusSearch in a Windows environment

In order to run CorpusSearch you need a query file and one or more source files. You can use one or all of the corpus files in the psd folder as source files. To make a query file, first read CorpusSearch for windows to find out how to use the DOS editor "edit". Then create your first query file. If you don't know what to search for, put the following in a file and call it query1.q.
node: IP*
query: (IP* iDoms RP)

The following instructions assume that you have set up a qq folder as outlined in CorpusSearch for windows to hold your query and output files.
  1. Double-click on the CSearch icon

  2. When prompted for a query file, type: qq\query1.q

  3. When asked about the file name of the output file, type: y

  4. When asked for a source file, type: psd\*

  5. The program will then run and produce an output file named query1.out in the qq folder. Depending on the complexity of the query and the number of files searched, this could take some time.

  6. You must quit the CSearch program manually after running it. To run another search, restart the program by double-clicking on the icon.