The York-Toronto-Helsinki Parsed Corpus
of Old English Prose

Texts by Cameron number

B1 Works of Ælfric

B2 Wulfstan

B3 Anonymous Homilies

B4 Prose Romance, Vision Literature

B5 Prose Dialogues

B7 Proverbs

B8 Biblical Translations

B9 Alfredian and other translations

B10 Rules for Monks and Canons

B13 Laws and Institutes, Ecclesiastical

  • 13.1.1 Canons of Edgar
  • 13.2.1 Institutes of Polity

B14 Laws of England

B15 Charters and wills

B17 Chronicles and Historical Texts

B19 Martyrology

B20 Computus

B21 Medical Texts

B22 Other Scientific Texts