The York-Toronto-Helsinki Parsed Corpus
of Old English Prose

Texts by filename

All filenames begin with co following Helsinki practice. Texts that were included in the Helsinki Corpus have the same filename. In providing filenames for the texts not in the Helskinki corpus we have relaxed the 8 character rule slightly since all operating systems can now handle longer filenames. Information about Helsinki Corpus conventions can be found here.

Other conventions followed when naming files are:

coadrian.o34 Adrian and Ritheus
coaelhom.o3 Ælfric, Supplemental Homilies
coaelive.o3 Ælfric's Lives of Saints
coalcuin Alcuin De virtutibus et vitiis
coalex.o23 Alexander's Letter to Aristotle
coapollo.o3 Apollonius of Tyre
coaugust Augustine
cobede.o2 Bede's History of the English Church
cobenrul.o3 Benedictine Rule
coblick.o23 Blickling Homilies
coboeth.o2 Boethius' Consolation of Philosophy
cobyrhtf.o3 Byrhtferth's Manual
cocanedgD Canons of Edgar (D)
cocanedgX Canons of Edgar (X)
cocathom1.o3 Ælfric's Catholic Homilies I
cocathom2.o3 Ælfric's Catholic Homilies II
cochad.o24 Saint Chad
cochdrul Chrodegang of Metz, Rule
cochristoph Saint Christopher
cochronA.o23 Anglo-Saxon Chronicle A
cochronC Anglo-Saxon Chronicle C
cochronD Anglo-Saxon Chronicle D
cochronE.o34 Anglo-Saxon Chronicle E
cocura.o2 Cura Pastoralis
cocuraC Cura Pastoralis (Cotton)
codicts.o34 Dicts of Cato
coducu1.o1 Documents 1 (O1)
coducu2.o12 Documents 2 (O1/O2)
coducu2.o2 Documents 2 (O2)
coducu3.o23 Documents 3 (O2/O3)
coducu3.o3 Documents 3 (O3)
coducu4.o24 Documents 4 (O2/O4)
coeluc1 Honorius of Autun, Elucidarium 1
coeluc2 Honorius of Autun, Elucidarium 1
coepigen.o3 Ælfric's Epilogue to Genesis
coeuphr Saint Euphrosyne
coeust Saint Eustace and his companions
coexodusP Exodus (P)
cogenesiC Genesis (C)
cogregdC.o24 Gregory's Dialogues (C)
cogregdH.o23 Gregory's Dialogues (H)
coherbar Pseudo-Apuleius, Herbarium
coinspolD.o34 Wulfstan's Institute of Polity (D)
coinspolX Wulfstan's Institute of Polity (X)
cojames Saint James
colacnu.o23 Lacnunga
colaece.o2 Leechdoms
colaw1cn.o3 Laws, Cnut I
colaw2cn.o3 Laws, Cnut II
colaw5atr.o3 Laws, Æthelred V
colaw6atr.o3 Laws, Æthelred VI
colawaf.o2 Laws, Alfred
colawafint.o2 Alfred's Introduction to Laws
colawger.o34 Laws, Gerefa
colawine.ox2 Laws, Ine
colawnorthu.o3 Northumbra Preosta Lagu
colawwllad.o4 Laws, William I, Lad
coleofri.o4 Leofric
colsigef.o3 Ælfric's Letter to Sigefyrth
colsigewB Ælfric's Letter to Sigeweard (B)
colsigewZ.o34 Ælfric's Letter to Sigeweard (Z)
colwgeat Ælfric's Letter to Wulfgeat
colwsigeT Ælfric's Letter to Wulfsige (T)
colwsigeXa.o34 Ælfric's Letter to Wulfsige (Xa)
colwstan1.o3 Ælfric's Letter to Wulfstan I
colwstan2.o3 Ælfric's Letter to Wulfstan II
comargaC.o34 Saint Margaret (C)
comargaT Saint Margaret (T)
comart1 Martyrology, I
comart2 Martyrology, II
comart3.o23 Martyrology, III
comarvel.o23 Marvels of the East
comary Mary of Egypt
coneot Saint Neot
conicodA Gospel of Nicodemus (A)
conicodC Gospel of Nicodemus (C)
conicodD Gospel of Nicodemus (D)
conicodE Gospel of Nicodemus (E)
coorosiu.o2 Orosius
cootest.o3 Heptateuch
coprefcath1.o3 Ælfric's Preface to Catholic Homilies I
coprefcath2.o3 Ælfric's Preface to Catholic Homilies II
coprefcura.o2 Preface to the Cura Pastoralis
coprefgen.o3 Ælfric's Preface to Genesis
copreflives.o3 Ælfric's Preface to Lives of Saints
coprefsolilo Preface to Augustine's Soliloquies
coquadru.o23 Pseudo-Apuleius, Medicina de quadrupedibus
corood History of the Holy Rood-Tree
cosevensl Seven Sleepers
cosolilo St. Augustine's Soliloquies
cosolsat1.ox4 Solomon and Saturn I
cosolsat2 Solomon and Saturn II
cotempo.o3 Ælfric's De Temporibus Anni
coverhom Vercelli Homilies
coverhomE Vercelli Homilies (E)
coverhomL Vercelli Homilies (L)
covinceB Saint Vincent (Bodley 343)
covinsal Vindicta Salvatoris
cowsgosp.o3 West-Saxon Gospels
cowulf.o34 Wulfstan's Homilies