Martin Bland: photographs

Douglas Altman (seated) and Martin Bland, Oxford, September 2002.

Photograph of two bearded, middle-aged men

Photo: Iain Milne (to whom many thanks)

And going back in time . . .

Douglas Altman (right) and Martin Bland, Cambridge, 1981, just after presenting their first paper on agreement between methods of medical measurement at the Institute of Statisticians conference on Health Statistics.

Photograph of two bearded, hairier, and younger men

Another picture with a great colleague and friend: Janet Peacock (left) and Martin Bland, St. George's Hospital Medical School, March 2004, before the postgraduate degree ceremony, where I was presiding guest.

Photograph of Janet Peacock and Martin Bland in academic dress.

Thanks to Jan Poloniecki for the photograph.

Martin Bland, Patrick Royston, Agnes Herzberg, Sir David Cox, and David Clayton, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, 8th March 2013.

Photograph of five people

Photo: Anne Koerber (and thanks to Bianca de Stavola for making it available.)

This picture was taken at the Biometric Society meeting ‘40+ years of the Cox model’. These five people were all present at the original presentation of David Cox's seminal paper on 8th March 1972. Agnes Herzberg was my M.Sc. supervisor and David Cox was my statistics professor at Imperial College, both taught me a lot. I have known David Clayton and Patrick Royston for most of my career in medical statistics, and I learned quite a bit from each of them, too. There is also a paper by Bland, Altman, and Royston (Statisticians in medical schools. Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of London 1990; 24: 85-86).

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