Corrections to "An Introduction to Medical Statistics, Second Edition" by Martin Bland

These are errors so far found in the second edition of my text book An Introduction to Medical Statistics.

Typographical errors

Page xii: Section 12.2, "Mann Whitney" should read "Mann-Whitney".
Page 15: Line 14, "This analysis" should read "This is analysis".
Page 15: Line 16, "received is called" should read "received, is called".
Page 47: Table legend, "principal" instead of "principle" (a mistake I often make, I'm ashamed to say!).
Page 53: Line 2, "15.1" not "15.2".
Page 57: Line 1, "observations" instead of "observation".
Page 59, Line 4 bottom, "There is another formulae ..., which make ..." should read "There is another formula ..., which makes ..."
Page 72: Lines 3 and 4, "2.9" should read "2.10".
Page 76, Line 2 from bottom, "10.8" should read "10.7".
Page 85: Question 2, "Table 2.7" should read "Table 2.8".
Page 87: Line 10, "depending in" should read "depending on".
Page 88: 2nd line from bottom, "as" should come before the displayed equations.
Pages 88-89: There is some confusion between tossing one coin several times and tossing several coins once. These two experiments are in all respects the same.
Page 89: Line 5, "increaes the number of two coins" should read "increase the number of coins".
Page 90: Line 8, "We can use this distribution as whenever..." should read "We can use this distribution whenever...".
Page 94: Line 19, "variances all equal to p" should read "variances all equal to p(1-p)".
Page 107: Line 2 from bottom "Normal distribution" should read "probablity density".
Page 114: Line 3, "ures 7.12" should read "ure 7.12".
Page 115: Formula for Chi-squared, "U1 + U2 + . . . + Un" should read "U12 + U22 + . . . + Un2" (i.e. each term is squared).
Page 116: Line 5, "n - 0.5" should be "the square root of n - 0.5", in symbolic form.
Page 117: Line 2, "is to give the single sum of squares" should read "is given by the single sum of squares".
Page 127: Section 8.6, the expression for s.e. in the second sentence should not have suffixes of 1.
Page 128: Line 12 "... may not very easy ..."should read "... may not be very easy ...".
Page 159, Line 7 from bottom, "... and, the ..." should read "... and the ...".
Page 161: Line 23 "Mann Whitney" should read "Mann-Whitney".
Page 169: Line 12 "varaince" should read "variance".
Page 172: Line first line after formula: "... is true, the expected value of this ratio to be 1.0..." should read "... were true, the expected value of this ratio would be 1.0...".
Page 189: Line 8: "... would persist if we could." should read "... would persist."
Page 189: Line 2 from bottom, "callibration" should read "calibration".
Page 193: Line l8, "depends on the limits" should read "depends on the units".
Page 198: Paragraph 2 line 10, "The data are plotted in Figure 11.13" should read "The data are plotted if Figure 11.13".
Page 231: Section 13.4, Line 3, "Mann Whitney" should read "Mann-Whitney".
Page 233: Line 10, "probabities" should read "probabilities".
Page 237: Line 9, "would meaningless" should read "would be meaningless".
Page 241: Lines 21 and 22, "Mantel Haenszel" should read "Mantel-Haenszel" (twice).
Page 244: Line l8, "parity greater than 3" should read "parity greater than or equal to 3".
Page 246: Line 3 from bottom, "contstraint then the" should read "contstraint that the".
Page 255: Line 11 from bottom, "variances reasonably" should read "variances will be reasonably".
Page 259-262. There are a number of hyphens missing in Kruskal-Wallis, Mann-Whitney, signed-rank. I did this often, sorry.
Page 271: Line 3, "this this" should read "this".
Page 280: Line 8, "died. Three patients" should read "died, two patients".
Page 295: Table 16.4: "rate per 1000" should read "rate".
Page 301: Line 5 from bottom, "As major change ..." should read "A major change ...".
Page 310: Paragraph 1 line 3, "the the" should read "the".
Page 310: Line 8 from bottom, "give they same" should read "give the same".
Page 311: Line 22, "P values as the same" should read "P values are the same".
Page 322: In paragraph 3, "(ref)" after Matthews and Farewell should be "(1988)".
Page 324: Line 15, "Only then than ..." should read "Only then can ...".
Page 324: Paragraph 2 line 3, "the the" should read "the".
Page 324: Paragraph 2 line 7, "which can combine" should read "which we can combine".
Page 325: Line 6, "axproximations" should read "approximations".
Page 333: Line 7, "clincial" should read "clinical".
Page 335: Line 15, "pateints" should read "patients".
Page 337: Line 1, replace r squared by r in the formula.
Page 338, the plus sign in the denominator of the algebraic equation should be minus.
Page 342: "TFFFT" instead of "TFFTF" in answer 3
Page 348: Line 5 from bottom, "similar to in Figure 19.7" should read "similar to Figure 19.7".
Page 355: Line 16, "Figure 7.20" should read "the vitamin D measurements in Figure 7.12".
Page 358: Answer 7, Line 3, "Crohn's case" should read "Crohn's cases".
Page 360: Line 3, "5.2" should read "82.7".
Page 363: Answers to questions 60 and 61 transposed
Page 365: Line 8 from bottom, "Mann-Whitney" should read "Mann-Whitney".
Page 367: Line 3, "Table 14.3" should read "Table 13.3".
Page 369: Line 9 "signed rank" should read "signed-rank".
Page 378: Insert after line 1 "Cox, D.R. (1972) Regression models and life-tables. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B, 34, 187-220."
Page 380: Reference to Matthews and Farewell should be "Matthews, D.E. and Farewell, V. (1988) Using and understanding medical statistics, second edition. Karger, Basel."
Page 380: Reference to Mayberry et al., "fo" should read "of".
Page 381-2: References to Rose and to Rodrigues and Kirkwood are in the wrong order.
Page 389: "Intra-class correlation coefficient" refers to page 269.

Many thanks to error spotters, including Nicholas Bland, L. Molinari, Janet Peacock, Jan Poloniecki, Paul Pynsent, and Valerie Seagroatt.


Any text-book gets out of date. This is the only amendment which I thought would be needed before I produced the third edition.

Page 32: delete comments about ethics committees. In the UK, the new Multi-centre Research Ethics Committees will remove this problem -- we hope.

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