Clinical Biostatistics: Head circumference exercise

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The following two graphs show head circumference by sex for 120 female and 64 male biomedical science, medical, nursing, physiotherapy, and radiography students.

In the first figure, a small amount of random variation has been added to the variables so that coincident points can be seen. This is called 'jitter'.

See detailed description at d. d

See detailed description at d. d


1. What kinds of graph are these?

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2. What kind of variable is head circumference?

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3. We want to estimate a confidence interval for the difference in head circumference and test the null hypothesis that mean head circumference is equal for male and female students, what methods would we consider?

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4. Which of these would be suitable here?

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5. The 95% confidence interval, males minus females, = 12 to 25 mm, P < 0.0001. What could we conclude from this?

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