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Sleep, Language and Memory Lab  
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About my work

I carry out research on language, sleep, memory and the interaction between these areas. Some particular questions that interest are: Our NEW three-bed sleep lab allows polysomnographic recording during sleep.

Our new Sleepsmart study is live - we are researching the involvement of sleep in memory consolidation and language learning during development. With Lisa Henderson, Courtenay Norbury, Scott Cairney, Fay Fletcher, Victoria Knowland, Natasha Thompson and Sarah Walker.

h Nicolas Dumay, Lisa Henderson, Shane Lindsay and Anna Weighall I've been working on how word representations become established in the mental lexicon, and how sleep affects our language knowledge (funded by the MRC, ESRC and Leverhulme Trust). A recent workshop examined this issue and is the basis of a Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B theme issue.

Jelena Mirković and I are examining how sleep affects the learning and consolidation of different kinds of linguistic mappings that differ in systematicity and consistency (funded by the ESRC).

Scott Cairney and I have been exploring the reactivation of memories during sleep, funded by a three-year ESRC grant.

I was part of a recent EU Marie Curie RTN (Sound to Sense). The project I was involved in (with NoŽl Nguyen, Uli Frauenfelder, Oliver Niebuhr, Meghan Clayards and Christine Meunier
) examines the perception and production of variants in speech cross-linguistically.

With Philip Quinlan, Sandie Cleland and Jakke Tamminen, I have investigated informational bottlenecks in speech perception (funded by a BBSRC grant).

More information about psycholinguistics research at York, and information for potential graduate students.

Recent books/special issue

WMW book   
Phil Trans Theme Issue
Speech Perception and
                Spoken Word Recognition (Paperback) book cover


I teach first and second year units on language, and a third year module on the Cognitive Psychology of Sleep.

About me

I joined York Psychology Department in 1999 after a two-year spell at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge. Before that I was a post-doc and graduate student at the Centre for Speech and Language, which was at Birkbeck College in London at the time, and before that an undergraduate at Cambridge University.

Selected Publications

Please see my Google Scholar page for an up-to-date list of publications.

Powerpoints from my talks at SSoL (August 2018) are available here.