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An Overview of the Transactional Interpretation

J. G. Cramer gif

Published in the International Journal of Theoretical Physics 27, 227 (1988).


The transactional interpretation of quantum mechanics is summarized and various points concerning the transactional interpretation and its relation to the Copenhagen interpretation are considered. Questions concerning mapping the transactional interpretation onto the Copenhagen interpretation, of advanced waves as solutions to proper wave equations, of collapse and the quantum formalism, and of the relation of quantum mechanical interpretations to experimental tests and results are discussed.

  1. Introduction
  2. Summary of the Transactional Interpretation
  3. Differences between the Transactional and the Copenhagen Interpretations
  4. Equivalence Mapping of Interpretations
  5. Advanced Waves and the Appropriateness of Wave Equations
  6. Collapse and the Quantum Mechanics Formalism
  7. Experimental Tests and the Transactional Interpretation
  8. References
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