The James Research Group

Group News

October 2021 The group's work on the hydroxylation of aryl halides is published. Congratulations to Andrew, Pat, Will, George and Ivan!
October 2021 Harry Meakin and Adam Richardson join the group for their MChem research projects.
June 2021 Will and George finish their studies and leave the group. Congratulations and thank you for all of your hard work!
March 2021 Nantachai's work on thiol-mediated ring expansion cascades is published. Congratulations Mon!
October 2020 George Smith and Will Owens-Ward join the group for their MChem research projects.
September 2020 Andrew Greener joins the group with a funded studentship from the Department of Chemistry.
June 2020 Patrycja Ubysz won a Wild Fund Gold Scholarship to join the group. Congratulations Pat!
March 2020 Awarded a Research Grant from the Royal Society.
October 2019 Nantachai Inprung joins the group as a joint PhD student with Dr Will Unsworth and Prof. Richard Taylor.