Speaker Events

We held a symposium on
The Nature of Deadly Quarrels: Multidisciplinary perspectives on the study of violence
on Tuesday 16th May 2017 at King's Manor, University of York, with speakers
Prof. Mike Spagat (Economics, Royal Hollway University of London) and
Prof. Jim Sharpe (History, University of York).

Prof. Philip Sabin (King's College London),
Modelling WW2 Combat Dynamics in Manual Wargames,
YHWAG seminar, King's Manor, University of York, Tuesday 24th May 2016

Dr Matthew Seligmann (Brunel University),
The Dynamics of the Anglo-German Dreadnought Arms Race (or why the Germans could not win),
YHWAG seminar, King's Manor, University of York, Friday 21st November 2014

Prof. Moshe Kress (US Naval Postgraduate School),
Modeling Insurgencies, Mathematics Colloquium, University of York, 8th October 2014

Our research presentations

Our new work on truels and multilateral wars of attrition was presented in April 2018 at the International Studies Association convention in San Francisco and at the US Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, and in 2017 at the International Symposium on Military Operations Research (ISMOR) (Royal Holloway University of London, July 2017).

Our work on the First World War at sea was presented by Niall MacKay in an Eight Bells lecture at the US Naval War College, Newport, RI (February 2016; here are the slides), at Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Modelling Conflict (Essex, September 2016), at the Historical Analysis for Defence and Security Symposium (HADSS) (dstl Portsdown, May 2017), and by Chris Price at the British International History Group (BIHG) (Edinburgh, September 2016).

Our work on Concentration and Asymmetry in Air Combat was presented at the US NPS (January 2016), at HADSS 2014, at ISMOR2014 , at BIHG 2014 (London, September 2014), at Royal Air Force Air Command Headquarters (High Wycombe, November 2014), and in the Oxford Changing Character of War seminar (February 2015). Our earlier work on Lanchester models and the Battle of Britain was presented at HADSS 2011, at Conflict and Complexity (Kent, 2008), at Mathematics in Defence (Farnborough, 2009), and in a guest lecture at the NPS (Monterey, 2011).

Ian Horwood spoke at BIHG 2016 on the rise of carrier air power and inter-war wargaming at the US Naval War College, and on "'The Ethics of Bombing or the Bombing of Ethics': air power in a time of austerity" at Air Power: Now and the Future (RAeS, London, September 2016).


We have run our Battle of Jutland event, a combined lecture and wargame/simulation, twice: in 2013 for the York Festival of Ideas, and for the battle's 2016 centenary. Here's Jamie Wood talking about our work.

Our work on the Battle of Britain has been presented in talks to various school and university student audiences, to a mathematics teachers' summer school, and to the wider public for the York Historical Association and at the 2014 York Festival of Ideas. Our 2020 article on Bootstrapping the Battle of Britain was featured in the Daily Mail, Ars Technica (USA/UK), Popular Mechanics (USA), New Atlas (Australia), Big Think (USA), Fox News (USA), Business Telegraph (UK), Legion (Canada) and Weekendavisen (Denmark), among others, and "sent the history world into meltdown" (Dan Snow). Listen to us discussing it, the Battle of Jutland, and counterfactual history more generally on Dan Snow's History Hit.

Ian Horwood has appeared on Radio 4's Last Word to speak about Vietnam's General Vo Nguyen Giap, and Chris Price has appeared on BBC1's The One Show to talk about the famous Baedeker raids of 1942. Our work has also been featured in New Scientist.

Do contact us if you would like us to speak to your audience!

By Coollew. Art by Bruce MacKay.