Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard
SPI Device

This file describes the SPI Device Driver for Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS).

Version: 1.10 - 24. February 2009

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The CMSIS Spi Device provides a standard interface to a Serial peripheral interface (SPI) that is part of a Cortex-M3 system. This interface is an hardware abstraction layer for the SPI. It consists of a general Spi Device Driver (files SpiDev.h) and a device specific Spi Device Driver (files SpiDev_STM32.[h,c]). The device specific Spi Device Driver provides an I/O Block to pass parameter and to access the Device Driver. Each Spi Device needs a device specific Spi Device Driver which provides it's own I/O block.

To ease use and design of the Spi Device Driver only one SPI can be used, Data Frame Format is limited to 8 bit and only master mode is possible. This will cover most of the use cases for a SPI.


CMSIS Spi Device Files

The sample driver is implemented for a ST Microlectronics STM32F103 device and uses the following files:

Name Description
SpiDev.h Global defines and structure definitions for general Spi Device interface.
SpiDev_STM32.h Device dependent definitions of the device specific Spi Device Driver.
SpiDev_STM32.c Device specific Spi Device Driver.

File SpiDev.h

Description File SpiDev.h contains function prototypes and type definitions for configuration values. Also global defines are part of this file. File SpiDev.h must be included in the application. This file contains the type definition for I/O Block. The I/O block contains configuration values and function pointer to access the device specific Spi Device Driver .

File SpiDev_STM32.h

Description File SpiDev_STM32.h contains STM32F103 device specific defines like registers and register values. It is only included from file SpiDev_STM32.c.

File SpiDev_STM32.c

Description File SpiDev_STM32.c contains static functions of this specific Spi Device Driver and provides the Device Driver specific I/O block. It must be linked to the application. The compiler switches _SPI_, _SPI_REMAP_are used to select the SPI and the SPI pins.
Compiler switches

Valid values are:

  • 1..3

Valid values are:

  • 0 SPI pins are not remapped (default)
  • 1 SPI1 pins are remapped


CMSIS SPI Device Definitions

Spi Device Driver uses following definitions for configuartion and function parameter values:

Name Description
Global Defines Global defined values.
Spi Configuration Spi Configuration parameters.

Global Defines

#define SpiDev_CLOCK_POLARITY_IDLELOW      0

#define SpiDev_CLOCK_PHASE_FIRSTEDGE       0
#define SpiDev_CLOCK_PHASE_SECONDEDGE      1

#define SpiDev_SSO_DISABLED                0
#define SpiDev_SSO_ENABLED                 1

These defines are used from the Spi Device Driver.


CK to 0 when idle.

CK to 1 when idle.

The first clock transition is the first data capture edge.

The second clock transition is the first data capture edge.

SS output is disabled in master mode and the cell can work in multimaster configuration.

SS output is enabled in master mode and when the cell is enabled. The cell cannot work in a multimaster environment.

Spi Configuration

typedef struct {                                                          
   uint32_t Baudrate:25;
   uint32_t Polarity:1;
   uint32_t Phase:1;
   uint32_t SlaveSelect:1;
   uint32_t Reserved:4;               
} SpiDev_CFG;

Spi Configuration attributes and explanation.


Baudrate to use (e.g. 500000 (default), ..., 18000000)

Configures the used Clock Polarity.
Valid values are:


Configures the used Clock Phase.
Valid values are:

  • SpiDev_CLOCK_PHASE_FIRSTEDGE (default)

Specifies the baviour of the SS output.
Valid values are:

  • SpiDev_SSO_DISABLED (default)

Reserved for future use.


CMSIS Spi Device I/O Block

Spi Device Driver defines the following structure to pass initialization data and to access device specific functions:

Name Description
SpiDev_IOB Structure for configuration values and functions pointers to the Spi Device Driver.

Structure SpiDev_IOB

typedef struct {
   SpiDev_CFG   Cfg;
   int (*Init)       (void);
   int (*UnInit)     (void);
   int (*BufTxRx)    (void *pDataTx, void *pDataRx, unsigned int Size);
   int (*SetBaudrate)(unsigned int Baudrate);
} SpiDev_IOB;

This structure is used to hold configuration values and function pointers to access the device specific Spi Device Driver. The configuration values are preset with default values.


A SpiDev_CFG structure holding the configuration parameter.

int (*Init) (void);
Function pointer to Init function.

int (*UnInit) (void);
Function pointer to UnInit function.

int (*BufTxRx) (void *pDataTx, void *pDataRx, unsigned int Size);
Function pointer to data transmit / receive function.

int (*SetBaudrate)(unsigned int Baudrate);
Function pointer to change the used Baudrate.


CMSIS Spi Device Functions

Spi Device Driver contains the following static functions:

Name Description
SpiDev_Init Initialize and start the Spi Device Driver.
SpiDev_UnInit Uninitialize and stop the Spi Device Driver.
SpiDev_BufTxRx Pass data to the Spi Device Driver to transmit and return received data.
SpiDev_SetBaudrate Change used Baudrate.

Function SpiDev_Init

static int  SpiDev_Init   (void);
Description This function initializes the Spi Device Driver according the SpiDev_IOB structure and starts it.
Parameter none
Return Code
  • Success (0)
  • Failed (-1)

Function SpiDev_UnInit

static int  SpiDev_UnInit (void);
Description This function uninitializes the Spi Device Driver and stops it.
Parameter none
Return Code
  • Success (0)
  • Failed (-1)

Function SpiDev_BufTxRx

static int SpiDev_BufTxRx (void *pDataTx, void *pDataRx, unsigned int Size);
Description This function passes data to the specific Spi Device Driver to transmit. It returns also the received data. This function is blocking.

Pointer to the data to send.

Pointer to store the received data.

Number of bytes to transmit / receive.

Return Code
  • Success (0)
  • Failed (-1)

Function SpiDev_SetBaudrate

static int SpiDev_SetBaudrate(unsigned int Baudrate);
Description This function changes the currently used Baudrate. If it is not possible to use the specified Baudrate then the next lower possible Baudrate is used.

Baudrate to use.

Return Code
  • Success (0)
  • Failed (-1)



The following Flowchart shows a typical Spi Device flow.