MBED Based Tutor for the HAPR (Hardware Architecture Projects) Course

For years we have run an MCP, Micro Computer Practical course for our second year students, this course and it sister course CTS, Chips To Systems have been based around the Z80, and 64180 (Super set of the Z80) CPU's, from 2011 we are moving to an ARM based course, and the course has a new name, HARP,So here is what we are going to use.

Hardware circuit diagrams (Slow to load)
Board IO lines, described
Example souce file, and makefile, to send a string down the serial port
GCC tool chain to be used in the HARP practicals
NXP Doucment root (Off Site)
Datasheets on devices used in the MBED system
Basic over view of the MBED Board