UniversalQCompiler package for Mathematica

This page collects useful materials for the UniversalQCompiler package for Mathematica, which provides a toolkit for breaking down quantum operations into elementary gates.

This package was developed by Raban Iten (ETH Zurich) and Roger Colbeck (University of York) from 2016-19 with contributions from Oliver Reardon-Smith, Luca Mondada, Ethan Redmond and Ravjot Singh Kohli.

It is licensed under the Apache License 2.0 and is available on github.

Some more information about the implementations can be found in arXiv:1904.01072.

There is also a manual, which can be accessed by completing a short survey about your intended use for this package.

Use of UniversalQCompiler requires the Mathematica package QI.

The diagram below indicates how QI and UniversalQCompiler can be used to analyse quantum information protocols for running on some quantum hardware: