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Denis Phantom Menace
The first kite I bought was a black and white Fizz Phantom Elite in Novemer 95. Here it is with Denis holding on for dear life.

[HUGE version]

Grey BoT Box of Tricks
My first Box of Tricks, this is being flown at the 1996 Castle
Howard Fetsival which was pretty rare as hardly any wind
blew that weekend. It's well streched and baggy now but just as much fun.
[larger version]

Stack Stack

Here is my Iccy Fusion, on the low green at Ayr, a great place to fly. I think the ABW dynamic bridle is essential for my style of flying with this larger kite.

[larger versions of fusion1 and fusion 2]

MatchBox & Box of Tricks
I now have Icarex version of the BoT and the scaled down high wind Matchbox in black and white and here they are stacked up together
[larger versions of stack1 and stack2

More to follow sometime ... maybe
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