Robert Söldner

I'm a first-year PhD student (part-time) in the department of computer science at the University of York. My superviser is Professor Detlef Plump, who is the inventor of the graph programming language GP and its successor GP2. In 2020, I have obtained a Bachelor's degree in computer science at the IUBH University, Germany. In my professional life, I work in the corporate research division of a biopharma supplier where I'm focusing on implementing and evaluating digital technologies to improve workflow efficiency.


My research is focusing on developing a verification assistant for the graph programming language GP2. Here, my emphasis is lying on the practical implementation of deductive theorem proving for the verification of (mission-critical) software. I'm building upon the theoretical research performed by Bak[1], Poskitt[2], Wulandari[3], and Pennemann[4].


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