CECAM Workshop on

Excited Electrons in Molecules, Solids and Atoms

Monday 8 - Wednesday 10 September 1997

CECAM, Lyon, France


Rex Godby, Dept. of Physics, University of York, U.K. (E-mail rwg3@york.ac.uk)

Barry Pickup, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Sheffield, U.K. (E-mail B.T.Pickup@sheffield.ac.uk)

The workshop is concerned with ab initio calculations of excited-state properties of electrons in molecules, solids and atoms. A major aim is to establish useful connections between methods used in quantum chemistry and those used in solid-state physics. Green's-function techniques, in particular, are in use in both communities but with very different language and experience. We feel that it will be of great benefit to all if each community can learn from the other in this workshop.

As is customary with CECAM workshops, the number of places is strictly limited. There may be a very small number of places available for non-invited participants.

Invited speakers have been e-mailed (21 July) with forms on which to return information about their talks and research interests. These should be returned by 15 August if at all possible, to allow pre-workshop information to be made available to participants.

We recommend accommodation in the Ecole (all of which is in modern rooms with bathrooms); to book, contact the CECAM secretary, Ms. Emmanuelle Crespeau (crespeau@cecam.fr). Other hotel information is available from the CECAM Home Page.

The workshop will start at 09:30 on Monday 8 September, in the CECAM lecture theatre, Ecole Normale Supérieure, 46, Allée d'Italie, Lyon. Precise information on how to get to CECAM, including maps, is available at the CECAM Home Page.

Outline schedule:

Monday 8 September

09:30 Start
18:50 End

Tuesday 9 September

09:00 Start
18:10 End
20:00 Workshop Dinner in central Lyon

Wednesday 10 September

09:00 Start
17:30 End

Full Programme

is available here, including links to abstracts of talks.

List of abstracts, research interests and contact details of participants

is available here.


Rex GodbyU. York
Barry PickupU. Sheffield
Michael DeleuzeU. Namur
Peter FuldeMPI Dresden
Robert MocciaU. Pisa
Vince OrtizU. Albuquerque
A. SgamellottiU. Perugia
Alok Shukla MPI Dresden
Jaap SnijdersU. Groningen
Carl-Olof AlmbladhU. Lund
Friedhelm BechstedtU. Jena
Xavier BlaseU. Lyon
Peter BobbertT.U. Eindhoven
Rodolfo Del SoleU. Rome Tor Vergata
Eberhard GrossU. Würzburg
Olle GunnarssonMPI Stuttgart
Lars HedinMPI Stuttgart
Steven LouieU.C. Berkeley
Francesco MauriIRRMA, Lausanne
Richard NeedsU. Cambridge
Giovanni OnidaU. Rome Tor Vergata
Charles PattersonTrinity Coll., Dublin
Lucia ReiningEcole Polytechnique, Paris
Raffaele RestaU. Trieste
Angel RubioU. Valladolid
Eric ShirleyNIST
Ulf von BarthU. Lund

* Participation to be confirmed

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