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EXCAM Workshop 1997

Electronic Exchange and Correlation in Advanced Materials

Thursday 11 September - Friday 12 September 1997

CECAM, Lyon, France


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Most speakers have been allocated 40 minutes. The talk should last for no more than 30 (ideally 25) minutes, allowing 10-15 minutes to be devoted to questions and discussion (which may include brief viewgraphs from members of the audience).

Where not all work by a group is being presented, speakers are encouraged to give a brief summary of other work in their group as part of their talk.

Thursday 11 September

09:40Lucia Reining First-principles calculations of photoemission spectra in clusters
10:20Olivia Pulci Self-Energy effects on electronic and optical properties of GaAs(110)
11:30Arno Schindlmayr Iterative improvement and conservation properties of the GW approximation
12:10Rex Godby Self-consistency, total energies and spectral functions for Hubbard systems
15:00Stefan Albrecht Excitons in solids: real space formulation
15:40Friedhelm Bechstedt Excitons and ab initio electronic structure calculations
16:20Coffee and Poster
Massimiliano Corradini Poster: A simple analytic form of the local-field factor of the homogeneous electron gas
16:50Lars Hedin The transition from the adiabatic to the sudden limit in core electron photoemission
20:00Conference dinner in central Lyon

Friday 12 September

09:40Ian White Dynamic image potential at an Al(111) surface
10:20Ulf von Barth A screened-exchange model for the exchange-correlation energy of molecules and solids
11:30To be announcedTo be announced
12:10DiscussionDiscussion on physics-related topics
14:30Lutz Steinbeck Recent development of the space-time GW method
15:10Angel Rubio (Discussion leader) Discussion on methods for self-energy and response-function calculations
15:50Coffee and End

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