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Thursday 26 September

09:00- 10:00Registration (Room PC39)
10:00Start of first session (Room PC37)
10:10A. Rubio Optical response of small metallic and semiconductor clusters
10:40M. Palummo, G. Onida, R. Del Sole and L. Reining Density functional calculations for real materials beyond the local density approximation
11:30W.C. Mackrodt (invited) Hartree-Fock description of NiO: a starting point for correlated procedures? Abstract
12:20M. Rohlfing, P. Krüger and J. Pollmann Quasiparticle energies of bulk and surface core levels Abstract
14:30U. von Barth Review of CECAM "Beyond LDA" workshop
14:50M. Springer, P.S. Svendsen and U. von Barth A straightforward gradient approximation for the exchange energy of s-p bonded solids
15:30Coffee and Poster Session (see below)
18:00End of first day

Friday 27 September

09:30Start of second day
09:30T. Pollehn and R.W. Godby Assessment of further many-body approximations using 1D and 2D Hubbard model systems Abstract
09:45A. Schindlmayr and R.W. Godby Iterative solution of Hedin's equations beyond the GW approximation Abstract
10:00R.T.M. Ummels, H.J. de Groot, P.A. Bobbert, W. van Haeringen Lowest order vertex- and selfconsistency-corrections to RPA-GW Abstract
10:30F. Aryasetiawan, L. Hedin and K. Karlsson Multiple plasmon satellites in Na and Al spectral functions from cumulant expansion Abstract
11:30A. Baldereschi (invited) Model GW scheme for correlated d-electron systems
12:20S.L. Dudarev, D. Nguyen Manh and A.P. Sutton Electronic structure and stability of crystal lattice of UO2
14:30L. Steinbeck, W.G. Aulbur, R.W. Godby and M.M. Rieger Ab-initio many-body calculations with the space-time GW method on a parallel computer Abstract
15:00A. Rubio Imaginary time calculations and Weighted-density approximation
16:00EXCAM Network meeting
17:00End of second day
19:30Conference dinner in central Paris

Saturday 28 September

09:30Start of third day
09:30M. Nekovee, W.M.C. Foulkes, G. Rajagopal, A. Williamson and R.J. Needs A quantum Monte Carlo approach to exchange-correlation of the inhomogeneous electron gas Abstract
10:00Paulo H. Acioli and David M. Ceperley Exchange and Correlation holes in jellium surfaces Abstract
10:30Round Table 1
11:30O. Gunnarsson, E. Koch and R.M. Martin (invited) Orbital degeneracy and Mott transition: 'Fixed node' lattice Monte-Carlo calculations for a C60 model Abstract
12:20M.M. Rieger, R.W. Godby, H.N. Rojas and R.J. Needs The charge density of semiconductor heterostructures with the GW space-time method Abstract
14:30F. Bechstedt and L.J. Sham Strong electronic correlation in C60? The case of excitons
14:45Round Table 2
16:00R. Holm and U. von Barth Fully self-consistent GW results for the electron gas
16:30M. Städele, A. Görling, J.A. Majewski and P. Vogl Exact exchange potential for semiconductors
17:00End of workshop


1Stefan Albrecht, Giovanni Onida and Lucia Reining Ab-initio calculation of absorption spectra including excitonic effects
2M. Hindgren and C.-O. Almbladh Total energies and vertex corrections
3G. Barinovs and B. Zapol Electron group functions theory equations for internally correlated and mutually nonothogonal groups
4G. Cappellini, F. Casula, Jinlong Yang and F. Bechstedt Quasiparticle energies in clusters determined via an efficient method: application to C60 and Na4
5O. Pulci, A. Shkrebtii, G. Onida, C. Kress and R. Del Sole Ab initio calculation of surface optical properties
6K. Tenelsen and F. Bechstedt Compensation of dynamical quasiparticle and vertex corrections in optical spectra
7R.T.M. Ummels, W. van Haeringen, P.A. Bobbert, H.J. de Groot Lowest order vertex- and selfconsistency-corrections to RPA-GW in silicon and diamond
8I.D. White, R.W. Godby, M.M. Rieger and R.J. Needs First-principles calculation of the dynamic image potential at an Al(111) surface Abstract
9Yu. R. Kalnin and G.J. Zvejnieks Reaction rate dependence on particle generation function shape and sink distribution function
10M. Lannoo, C. Delerue and G. Allan Self-trapped excitons in semiconductor nanocrystallites
11C. Delerue, M. Lannoo and G. Allan Plasmons in silicon nanocrystallites

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