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The third-party web sites listed here are mostly connected with scientific computing, scientific graphics or scientific writing, plus a few more general items. Star ratings (-★★★★★) indicate my personal, subjective assessment of their design and usefulness. Listings are provided without warranty.

The symbol  B   indicates recommended starting points for beginners in the area. Consider searching for  B   or ★★★★★ using your browser’s Find command.

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LaTeX (a document preparation system)

 B   My brief advice for beginners on getting started with LaTeX



Some favourite LaTeX packages

(All these packages are available in TeXLive and in Place the relevant usepackage command in your document’s preamble.)

LaTeX editors

LaTeX distributions (to install on your own computer)

Bibliography tools for LaTeX

Other tools for use with LaTeX

Online LaTeX tools

Forums and blogs

Graphics and PDF tools

 B   My brief advice for beginners on preparing scientific graphics:

Graphics tools

PDF tools

Python (a programming language)

 B   My brief advice for beginners on getting started with Python

Official web site

Python distributions

Python code development tools

Jupyter Notebooks and Jupyter Lab

Some favourite Python libraries, modules and add-ons

Tutorials and books

Forums and blogs

Linux (an operating system)

 B   My brief advice for beginners on getting started with Linux:

Official sites

Some favourite Ubuntu packages (details in the Ubuntu packages site above and, in some cases, elsewhere on the present page)


Forums and blogs

Online tools

Collaboration and communication tools

Collaborative editing tools

Project management tools



Bibliography tools, DOIs


Online RSS readers (“news-feed” readers)

Online text tools (occasionally useful from phones and tablets)

Online HTML tools

Lightweight markup languages (for later conversion to HTML or LaTeX), and associated tools

Computer algebra and symbolic graphing calculators

Development tools

Funding of Open Source software

Version control

Connectivity tools

General references on numerical methods

Awaiting categorisation and/or analysis

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