Biomolecular Electronics Group

Dr Steven Johnson


Biomolecules have an impressive range of physical and functional properties, from molecular recognition and mechanical strength, to photosynthesis and force generation. The aim of biomolecular electronics is to create a fusion of  biology and electronics that brings these powerful biological attributes to the pervasive, inorganic world of electronics. Existing realisations of this emerging technology are to date essentially ‘static’; biomolecular function is invariable and predetermined according to the specific immobilised biomolecule. In contrast, biological systems have evolved complex regulatory controls that allow the function of molecules to be switched on and off in response to specific stimuli. We are thus investigating dynamic and switchable biomolecular electronic devices that can activate and regulate biomolecular properties in response to local electric fields. This is a highly inter-disciplinary project involving collaboration with chemists and molecular biologists across the University