The Fourth York Cultural History Conference

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  • David Andress (Portsmouth): 'Popular violence in the French Revolution: new thoughts'

  • Martin Blinkhorn (Lancaster): 'Primitive rebel, military entrepreneur, or bloodthirsty scoundrel? The bandit in modern history'

  • Howard G. Brown (SUNY, Binghamton): 'Victims of violence after the Terror: Between personal tragedies and collective traumas'

  • John Carter Wood (Bayreuth): 'Conceptualising cultures of violence and cultural change'

  • Richard Cust (Birmingham): 'Violence and gentry honour in early Stuart England'

  • Trevor Dean (Roehampton): 'Poisons and potions: domestic violence in late-medieval Bologna'

  • Caroline Dodds (Cambridge): 'Female dismemberment and decapitation: gendered understandings of power in Aztec ritual'

  • Ian Haywood (Roehampton): 'Romanticism, riots and cultural mythology, 1780-1832'

  • Andy Hopper (Birmingham): 'The high court of chivalry in England and Wales, 1633-41'

  • Steven Hughes (Loyola College): 'Swords and daggers: class conceptions of interpersonal violence in Liberal Italy'

  • John Keane (Westminster): 'The democratization of violence?'

  • Jeremy Krikler (Essex): 'Restraints upon popular racial killing in South Africa'

  • William Miller (Michigan): 'An eye for an eye: violence and value'

  • Ed Muir (Northwestern): 'Trust and the ends of violence in Renaissance Italy'

  • Michel Nassiet (Angers): 'Vengeance in sixteenth-century France'

  • Pat Palmer (York): ' "A horseloade of heades" and elegies of dismemberment: atrocity and the native response during the Elizabethan conquest of Ireland'

  • Robert Shoemaker (Sheffield): 'The creation of public knowledge about violence in eighteenth-century London'

  • Al Soman (CNRS): 'Torture and the transparency of criminal judgements in early modern France'

  • Nik Wachsmann (Sheffield): 'Nazi camps and prisons - a comparative view'

  • Bernd Weisbrod (Gottingen): 'The religious language of violence and the politics of fundamentalism'

  • Martin Wiener (Rice): 'Race, Class and Maritime Authority in the Late Victorian Courts: The Surprising Trials of Charles Arthur (1888) and Bagwahn Jassiwara (1891)'

  • Andy Wood (UEA) : 'Ritual and anti-ritual under the oak of Reformation: controlling rebel violence in Kett's rebellion'


  • Richard Bessel (York)

  • Pieter Spierenburg (Rotterdam)

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