We have a double wammy foy you this week! Both the men's and the woman's team are at home this Wednesday. Come and Watch the woman's match at 14:00 and the men's at 16:00, both in the main hall.


Both teams did great this week with both taking hame victory! Onwards and upwards!


Autumn Term (Starting October 2nd)

Monday in the Main Hall - 20:30-22:00

Tuesday beginner's session in the Main Hall - 20:00-22:00

Friday beginner's and experienced fencer's mixed session in the Arena - 19:30-22:00

All training sessions take place in the Sports Centre, located near James College.

Tuesday fitness session Main Hall - 19:00-20:00


Coaching will resume in the new year with ex Hungarian olympiad Robert Kiss!

If you have any requests please let us know.


Fencing is one of the most fast paced sports you can do at the York. The outcome of a fight is decided in minutes, so you have to be quick on your feet and smart with your tactics to come out on top. The club caters to both complete newbies with our beginners courses, and to experienced fencers who can try out for the team in periodic selections. Either way we're a friendly bunch so you'll find plenty of people to help you get started, or give you a good fight from the get go.


Lucky for you, we are one of the cheapest Fencing clubs in the entire country! Whereas some uni's charge per term, we only have a one time fee paid at the start of the year. Then you're set! This includes kit, coaching, and club events such as Roses and Varsity.









Please note this includes the £20 AU fee, so if you've payed this for another club it's only £40 for an entire year of fencing!

For this you get 3 sessions a week, with regular one on one coaching by qualified and specialist coaches. There is also an optional fitness session if you want to really improve your fitness.

Admission to the club for experienced fencers is open to over-13s as long as they are supervised and provide their own kit where club kit is inappropriate. The first few taster sessions are £2 for beginners for coaching, and free of charge for experienced fencers.