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Who/what are we?

JuggleSoc is the University of York's Juggling and Circus Skills Society. Complete beginners are welcome! We are all learning new things all through the year, whether it be improving a skill, learning new tricks, breaking a world record, or trying a prop for the very first time. There are many experienced jugglers and spinners able to help you pick up and learn the fundamentals of any prop.

We have two regular sessions a week during term time. For the 2018-19 academic year, they will be on Thursday and Sunday in D/L/028 a.k.a. Hendrix Hall. Be sure to check the calendar beforehand as this may change. We also have some fire practice sessions, performances, workshops and trips to conventions around the country (most notably Chocfest, the York Juggling Convention) and meet jugglers from other juggling societies. Membership is £5 for the whole year.

JuggleSoc has lots of juggling and circus equipment, which is made available to members at regular sessions, so all you need to bring is yourself. Equipment and skills include: juggling (balls, clubs, rings, hats, cigar boxes, bounce balls) poi, staff, diabolo, devil/flower sticks, unicycles, hula hoops, contact balls, alive boards. The club also has a lot of fire clubs and fire poi as well as LED/glow clubs, poi and balls.

Come along and try something new!

For a better idea of what our sessions consist of, have a gander at this video:


This is the Google calendar. You can look at it on here, you can sync it to your phone, you can add it to your own account or print it out at home. Whatever you do, it contains the regular juggling session schedule and any events available to all, so it's useful to look at every now and again.

Contact Us

Join our mailing list: we send regular emails about our juggling sessions, trips, socials, performances and other information. Our email address is juggle@yusu.org, so drop us a message if you want to be added. Most of the news will also make it to the Jugglesoc Facebook group, and it's also a great way to keep on touch with other Jugglesoc members.

The York Jugglers Website also hosts a ton of information on various juggling and circus events in and around York, and is well worth a look.