Some of The Cakes Entered into the Chocfest V Chocolate Cake Challenge

For good measure, I've included some of the judges comments... Who'll remain anonymous for the good of my health

First Prize -Miark

"Banana and Chocolate... Light"

Second Price - Hawkins

"Light and fluffy"
"Chocolatey, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"

Third Prize - Pingu

"Honey cake rather than chocolate. Nice, though"

And The Rest...


"Very sweet, toffee rather than chocolate"

Small Girl Guides

"Chewwy, a bit dry"
"Coffee rather than chocolate"


"Light, bit jammy rather than chocolatey"


"Sweet and VERY nice; tastes better than it looks"

Chocolate Christmas Cake

"Ummmm... No"
"Christmassy, but not too chocolately - A bit dry"

Reduced Item

"Couldn't eat it, so NO!"

Devil's Chocolate Cake

"Could be a bit lighter"