Susan Stepney, Simon Hickinbotham.
UCOMP Roadmap: Survey, Challenges, Recommendations.

in Susan Stepney, Steen Rasmussen, Martyn Amos, eds, Computational Matter, pp.9–31. Springer, 2018


We report on the findings of the EU TRUCE project UCOMP roadmap activity. We categorise UCOMP along hardware and software axes, and provide a catalogue of hw-UCOMP and sw-UCOMP examples. We describe the approach we have taken to compiling the roadmap case studies in the remainder of Part I. We identify eight aspects of UCOMP to analyse the broad range of approaches: speed, resource, quality, embeddedness, formalism, programmability, applications, and philosophy. We document a range of challenges facing UCOMP research, covering hardware design and manufacture, software theory and programming, and applications and deployment. Finally, we list some recommendations for focussing future UCOMP research: scaling up hardware, software, and concepts; identifying killer apps; and unifying the UCOMP domain.

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