Susan Stepney, Steen Rasmussen, Martyn Amos (eds).
Computational Matter, Springer, 2018


Unconventional computing (UCOMP) is the study of computation outside the standard model of conventional computing. In 2011 the European COmmission opened the ICT FP7 Call 8 FET Proactive in Unconventional Computation, and for associated Coordination Actions (CA). As a result, seven research projects and one CA were funded. The CA TRUCE (Training and Research in Unconventional Computation in Europe) had objectives: (1) to formulate, develop and maintain a European vision and strategy for UCOMP; (2) to identify areas of importance in UCOMP, and help to focus research in these areas; (3) to provide a framework for the discussion and resolution of current issues in UCOMP; (4) to facilitate improvement in the quality, profile and applicability of European UCOMP research; (5) to encourage and support the involvement of students and early career researchers in UCOMP; (6) to facilitate industrial involvement with UCOMP.

This book, edited by TRUCE project leaders, comprises a distilled collection of outputs from the funded UCOMP projects, including a roadmap for UCOMP research and development in Europe and beyond, in order to identify new trends, challenges and opportunities. Part I of the book comprises outputs from the TRUCE project’s UCOMP roadmap activity and the UCOMP projects. Part II of the book discusses certain aspects of UCOMP across the breadth of the domain, distilling findings from across the funded UCOMP projects. It covers: philosophy of UCOMP, computability and complexity of UCOMP devices, encoding and representing information in UCOMP devices, a theory of interactive computing, reservoir computing with unconventional material, multivalued logics in nanoscale materials, and molecular automata.

We hope that this collected material will be of value to the entire UCOMP community, and more broadly to the computer science and related communities, gathering together common findings from the broadest disciplinary background.

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