Penelope Faulkner, Angelika Sebald, Susan Stepney.
Tuning Jordan Algebra Artificial Chemistries with Probability Spawning Functions.

ECAL 2017, Lyon, France, September 2017, 497–504. MIT Press, 2016


Natural chemistry deals with non-deterministic processes, and this is reflected in some artificial chemistries. We can tune these artificial systems by manipulating the functions that define their probabilistic processes. In this work we consider different probabilistic functions for particle linking, applied to our Jordan Algebra Artificial Chemistry. We use five base functions and their variations to investigate the possible behaviours of the system, and try to connect those behaviours to different traits of the functions. We find that, while some correlations can be seen, there are unexpected behaviours that we cannot account for in our current analysis. While we can set and manipulate the probabilities in our system, it is still complex and still displays emergent behaviour that we can not fully control.

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