Simon Hickinbotham and Susan Stepney.
Augmenting Live Coding with Evolved Patterns.

EvoMusArt, Porto, Portugal, March 2016, LNCS 9596:31–46. Springer, 2016


We present a new system for integrating evolutionary processes with live coding. The system is built upon an existing platform called Extramuros, which facilitates network-based collaboration on live coding performances. Our evolutionary approach uses the Tidal live coding language within this platform. The system uses a grammar to parse code patterns and create random mutations that conform to the grammar, thus guaranteeing that the resulting pattern has the correct syntax. With these mutations available, we provide a facility to integrate them during a live performance. To achieve this, we added controls to the Extramuros web client that allows coders to select patterns for submission to the Tidal interpreter. The fitness of the pattern is updated implicitly by the way the coder uses the patterns. In this way, appropriate patterns are continuously generated and selected for throughout a performance. We present examples of performances, and discuss the utility of this approach in live coding music.

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