Susan Stepney, Samuel L. Braunstein, John A. Clark, Andy Tyrrell, Andrew Adamatzky, Robert E. Smith, Tom Addis, Colin Johnson, Jonathan Timmis, Peter Welch, Robin Milner, Derek Partridge.
Journeys in Non-Classical Computation II: initial journeys and waypoints.

International Journal of Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems 21(2):97-125, April 2006


Our Grand Challenge for computer science is: to journey through the gateway event obtained by breaking our current classical computational assumptions, and thereby develop a mature science of Non-Classical Computation.

The background and rationale of the challenge is discussed in the first part of this paper: I: A Grand Challenge for Computing Research (IJPEDS 20(1) 2005). In this second part we give a collection of suggested journeys that could be brought under the umbrella of Non-Classical Computation. It is assumed that these journeys would be conducted not in isolation, but in the context of the overall challenge, informing it, and being informed by it.

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