Simon Hickinbotham, Susan Stepney, Jon Timmis.
ECAL 2015 special issue editorial.

Natural Computing, 18(1):1-3, 2019


The 13th European Conference on Artificial Life (ECAL 2015) was held in York, United Kingdom, 20–24 July 2015, hosted by the York Centre for Complex Systems Analysis at the The University of York. ECAL 2015 showcased a wide range of topics in Artificial Life, bringing together world-leading researchers to discuss the latest advance. Artificial Life is an interdisciplinary field, and as such submissions from across the spectrum of scientific and humanities disciplines were presented, that considered the main conference themes of Embodiment, Interaction, Conversation.

The full conference proceedings of the contributed peer reviewed papers Andrews et al. (2015) were published by MIT Press. This issue of Natural Computing brings together five of the best papers from the conference, as determined by the original review process. The authors were invited to revise and extend their original contributions for this special issue.

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