Guillaume Beslon, Santiago Elena, Paulien Hogeweg, Dominique Schneider, Susan Stepney.
Evolving Living Technologies—Insights from the EvoEvo project.

SSBSE 2018, Montpellier, France, September 2018, LNCS 11036:46–62. Springer, 2018


The EvoEvo project was a 2013–2017 FP7 European project aiming at developing new evolutionary approaches in information science and producing novel algorithms based on the current understanding of molecular and evolutionary biology, with the ultimate goals of addressing open-ended problems in which the specifications are either unknown or too complicated to express, and of producing software able to operate even in unpredictable, varying conditions. Here we present the main rationals of the EvoEvo project and propose a set of design rules to evolve adaptive software systems.

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