Viv Kendon, Angelika Sebald, Susan Stepney, Matthias Bechmann, Peter Hines, Robert C. Wagner .
Heterotic Computing.

In Unconventional Computation 2011, Turku, Finland, June 2011 . LNCS 6714:113--124. Springer, 2011


Non-classical computation has tended to consider only single computational models: neural, analog, quantum, etc. However, combined computational models can both have more computational power, and more natural programming approaches, than such 'pure' models alone. Here we outline a proposed new approach, which we term heterotic computing. We discuss how this might be incorporated in an accessible refinement-based computational framework for combining diverse computational models, and describe a range of physical exemplars (combinations of classical discrete, quantum discrete, classical analog, and quantum analog) that could be used to demonstrate the capability.

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