Rosalind Barden, Susan Stepney.
Support for using Z.

In J. P. Bowen, J. E. Nicholls, editors, Proceedings of the 7th Z User Meeting, London, UK, 1992 , Workshops in Computing, pp 255--280. Springer, 1993.


This paper provides guidance for those who are looking for support in their use of Z. It points out that you should decide the why , what and how of using Z, and provides areas to consider in making those decisions. A method is needed to support the 'how' of Z. Z in its raw state is not a method, it is a notation. The paper looks at the various aspects which help to make up an effective method, and discusses how these combine together. It provides an overview of existing approaches to Z specification and describes their usefulness in general, and in light of the aspects of method. The paper goes on to describe, briefly, a handbook on Z being produced as part of the ZIP project and concludes with some thoughts on how Z may develop.

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